Rotaxane-based Two Dimensional Structure; Self-assembled New Platform for Metal Organic Framework

C.W. Lim, S.H. Kim
Kyung Hee University, KR

Keywords: self assembly, polyrotaxane, metal organic framework


Recently, metal-organic framework (MOF) has been an interesting subject in material science and for energy storage such as hydrogen or other gas-phased material, extensively studied in the application area.1 Pores in MOF are necessary to be controlled or highly orderable for enhancing the storage efficiency of specific gas molecules. Here we present new approach for preparation of two dimensional ordered structures potential for gas storage such as hydrogen or hydrophobic molecules. Pd(II) metal self-assembled macrocyclic ring has been reported to form [2]catenane threading cyclodextrin in our group.2 Organic ligands which is coordinated with Pd(II) metal ion are shown in scheme 1 and we found structural transition from [2]catenane to pseudo-polyrotaxane according to the amounts of cyclodextrin in NMR experiments. High ordered pattern image of pseudo-polyrotaxane was obtained in HR TEM, as shown in figure 1.