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TechConnect World 2011 Program - Tuesday June 14

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7:30TechConnect World RegistrationRegistration Area
8:30Opening TechConnect World Keynotes - Innovation Impact - Nanotech, Cleantech, Microtech, Biotech 2011Ball Room A
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, NSTI/CTSI, US
8:30Welcome and Opening
M. Laudon, TechConnect World Co-Chair, US
8:40Cross Sector Perspective on Nanotech to Cleantech Innovation
T. Earles, Lockheed Martin & Former OSTP, US
9:10No Small Matter: Scaling the Business of Materials Science
T. Taber, CTO, Eastman Kodak Company, US
10:00Networking Coffee BreakRegistration Area
10:30Cleantech Energy: KeynotesBall Room A
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
10:30''Digital Energy'': Opportunities and challenges at the intersection of information technology and energy
D. Paul, University of Southern California, US
11:00Nanoscale Science for Clean, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage (invited presentation)
H. Kung, US Department of Energy, US
11:30Application of Nanotechnology to Photovoltaics: Technical Approaches & Manufacturing Challenges (invited presentation) Manufacturing Challenges
L. Tsakalakos, GE, US
10:30Composites: KeynotesRoom 207
Session chair: Tom Twardowski
10:30Polymer Nanocomposites from Functionalized Polyolefins (invited presentation)
D.R. Paul, University of Texas at Austin, US
11:10Enhancing mechanical properties of epoxy resin while reducing viscosity using “liquid nano-reinforcement” (invited presentation)
K. Zhong, Washington State University, US
11:40Developments in Polymer /Carbon Nanotube Composite Films and Fibers (invited presentation)
S. Kumar, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
12:10Cellulosic Nanomaterials - nanotechnology within the forest products industry sector (invited presentation)
T.H. Wegner, FS/USDA, US
10:30Copolymer Nanostructures: KeynotesRoom 203
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, Dow Chemical Company
10:30Generating Functional Nanoscale Soft Materials Using Block Copolymers (invited presentation)
T.H. Epps III, University of Delaware, US
11:00Routes to Addressable Media Over Macroscopic Areas (invited presentation)
T. Russell, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
11:30Nanostructured Block Copolymer Electrospun Fibers (invited presentation)
M. Ma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
10:30NanoFab: Device Patterning & FabricationRoom 202
Session chair: Aaron Stein, Brookhaven National Lab, US
10:30Polarisation stabilisation of telecom lasers by minimally-invasive direct-write focused electron beam induced deposition
I. Utke, M.G. Jenke, C. Roeling, P.H. Thiesen, V. Iakovlev, A. Sirbu, A. Mereuta, A. Caliman, E. Kapon, EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, CH
10:50Application of focused ion beam technology for photonic nanostructures
F. Ay, V.J. Gadgil, D. Geskus, S. Aravazhi, K. Wörhoff, M. Pollnau, MESA+ institute of nanotechnology, University of Twente, NL
11:10High spatial resolution Hall nano-sensors by tuned direct-write Co/C-FEBID
M.S. Gabureac, L. Bernau, G. Boero, I. Utke, EMPA, CH
11:30Novel Nanopatterning Strategies for Focused Ion Beam Lithography of Nanophotonic Structures
J.E. Sanabia, K.E. Burcham, J. Fridmann, J. Klingfus, M. Kahl and F. Nouvertné, Raith USA, Inc., US
10:30Nanoscale Materials Characterization: Atomic Force MicroscopyRoom 208
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota and NSF Materials Research Facilities Network
10:30Coping with Uncertainty in the World of Nanomechanical Measurements (invited presentation)
R. Proksch, Asylum Research, US
11:00Mapping nanoscale elastic and viscoelastic properties with contact resonance force microscopy (invited presentation)
D.C. Hurley, J.P. Killgore, A.B. Kos, NIST, US
11:30High Speed, High Throughput, SPM Imaging and Nanomechanics (invited presentation)
S.C. Minne, B. Pittenger, L. Mininni, A. Slade, S. Hu, J. Kindt, C. Su, Bruker Corporation, US
10:30Microtech for Quality of Life and Medical Applications - MIG Special SymposiaRoom 209
Session chair: Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
10:30Introduction to Quality of Life and Medical Applications - MIG Special Symposia
K. Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
10:45Medical Implant Devices, MEMS and Quality of Life: Lessons from Cardiovascular Devices: Stents, VADs and the Total Artificial Heart (invited presentation)
M. Slepian, Syncardia Systems, US
11:15Quality of Life Through Intelligent Monitoring (invited presentation)
M. DiPerri, Freescale Semiconductor Inc., US
11:35BioMEMS Technology for Artificial Organs (invited presentation)
J. Borenstein, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, US
11:55MEMS in Healthcare - The Only Limit Is Imagination (invited presentation)
T. O'Dwyer, Analog Devices, US
10:30Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication 1Room 204
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, US
10:30Challenges of Modeling Inkjet Systems (invited presentation)
E.P. Furlani, University of Buffalo, US
10:55Life And Death Of A Weakly Viscoelastic Jet (invited presentation) Fluid Mechanics And Rheometry
V. Sharma, MIT, US
11:20New developments in inkjet of deposits carried out under localised extraction or helium
V. Conedera, F. Mesnilgrente, P. Fadel, N. Fabre, LAAS-CNRS, FR
11:40Advancements in Ink-Jet Deposition of Carbon Nanotube Materials for Printed Electronics
S. Turner, Brewer Science, US
10:30Nano Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery: KeynotesRoom 310
Session chair: Lori Henderson, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH
10:30TiO2-bionanoconjugates for use in imaging and therapy of cancer (invited presentation)
G. Woloschak, Northwestern University, US
11:00Changing the Way We Treat Cancer with CYT-6091: An Model Cancer Nanomedicine (invited presentation)
L. Tamarkin, CytImmune Sciences, Inc., US
11:30Toward Nanoparticle Therapeutics through Biomimicry (invited presentation)
C. Shad Thaxton, Northwestern University, US
12:00Polyvalent Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles for Genetic Delivery
D. Giljohann, AuraSense, US
10:30Biosensors: Novel MethodsRoom 210
Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Labs, US
10:30Immobilization of DNA aptamers for biosensing and protein interaction analysis (invited presentation)
V. Yadavalli, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
11:00A Novel Microfluidic Magnetic Mixer Using Dynamic Switching Field
S.M. Azimi, W. Balachandran, J. Ahern, BRUNEL UNIVERSITY, UK
11:20Nanoneedle Probes for Minimally Invasive Cellular Delivery
D. Dlesk, M.-F. Yu, Nanofab3D Inc., US
11:40Nanopore Mass Spectrometry for Single-Molecule Sequencing
J.C. Bush, W. Maulbetsch, C. Pruitt, M. Mihovilovic, P.M. Weber, C.R. Bazemore-Walker, D. Stein, Brown University, US
10:30Nanotech to Cleantech Global Commercial InitiativesRoom 205
Session chair: Lynn Foster, BPT Pharma, US
10:30Trends in Nanotech patenting for “clean energy” applications
V. Veefkind, R. Absalom, R. Michalitsch, J. Hutado-Albir, C. Kallinger, European Patent Office, NL
10:50Commercial Initiatives on Nanotech in Suzhou and Overview on Nano City
J. Wu, Deputy General Manager of Suzhou Nanotech Co. Ltd. Nanotech Co. Ltd., CN
11:05Italian Innovation & Commercialization
M. Loddo, Italian Trade Commission, IT
11:20U.S. Nanotechnology Initiatives
C. Cannizzaro, U.S. Department of State, US
11:35Swiss Innovation & Commercialization Initiatives
P. Marmier, Swissnex Boston, CH
11:50German Nanotechnology Initatives
TBA, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, DE
10:30TechConnect Corporate Partnering: Pharma & BiotechRoom 309
Session chair: Didier Leconte, MSBi Valorisation, CA
10:30Merck TechConnect Partnering
R. Leonard, Merck, US
10:50Novartis TechConnect Partnering
B. Thorner, Novartis, US
11:30Sanofi Aventis TechConnect Partnering
S. Natesan, Sanofi Aventis, US
12:00Expo Opening & Networking LunchExpo Hall
1:00CTSI Utility Technology ChallengeRoom 311
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
1:007 AC Technologies (Building Efficiency & Management), P. Vandermeulen
1:12EcoFactor (Residential Energy Efficiency), E. Saltzman
1:24NovaThermal Energy (Industrial/Commercial Energy Efficiency), E. Haider
1:36Power Tagging (Smart Grid), J. LoPorto
1:48Tropos Networks (Smart Grid), H. Robertson
2:00V&R Energy Systems Research, Inc. (Smart Grid), M. Vaiman
2:12Minesto (Central Power Generation), A. Jansson
2:24Electric Pipeline Corporation (Transmission & Distribution), R. Faulkner
1:30Water Technology & Corporate SpotlightsRoom 310
Session chair: Gary C. Ganzi, Siemens, US
1:30General Electric
A. Zaske, General Electric, US
F. Nielsen, Veolia, US
2:10Advanced Membranes for Water Treatment
O. Bakajin, Porifera, Inc., US
2:25Industrial and Produced Water Reuse
A. Mandell, Oasys Water, US
1:30Bio Energy Innovation SpotlightsRoom 308
Session chair: Brooke Coleman, New Fuels Alliance/Northeast Biofuels Collaborative, US
1:30Catalytic Subcritical Hydropyrolysis of Waste Biomass into Gasoline Range Hydrocarbons
R. Tungal, R.V. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
1:50Microwave-mediated Pyrolysis of Biomass
M.J. Gronnow, V.L. Budarin, J. Fan, P.S. Shuttleworth, D.J. MacQuarrie, J.H. Clark, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, UK
2:10Cheap Sugars from Cellulosic Biomass for Fuels and Chemicals Production
M. Raab, Agrivida, Inc., US
2:25Empowering Organics
P. Sellew, Harvest Power, US
2:40A pipeline for the forward design of bio-energy related microbes
C. Fischer, Gingko BioWorks, US
2:55Beyond Biofuels: Myriant & the Commercialization of Bio-based Chemicals
S. McConnell, Myriant, US
3:10Harnessing Nanotechnology to Make Biofuels Faster, Better, and Cheaper
A. Goel, Nanobiosym, US
3:25PROESA – Chemtex Breakthrough technology
D. Richardson, Chemtex International, IT
1:30Energy Storage: Fuel CellsRoom 313
Session chair: Pankaj Dhingra, CEO, Nanostellar, Inc.
1:30Simulation of a Range Extender Power Train for a City Bus
L. Andaloro, F. Sergi, G. Napoli, G. Dispenza, V. Antonucci, CNR ITAE, IT
1:50Fuel Cells – Commercial Innovation Built on High Electrical Efficiency
T. Rowe, Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited, AU
2:10SOFC/ZEBRA® hybrid system
M. Ferraro, G. Napoli, F. Sergi, G. Brunaccini, G. Dispenza, V. Antonucci, Institute of Advanced Technologies for Energy “Nicola Giordano” - National Council of Research, IT
2:30Advanced Catalysts for Fuel-Flexible Fuel Cells
M. Grant Norton, S. Ha, O. Marin-Flores, K. Fleckner, M.K. Neylon, J. Breit, Washington State University, US
2:50Theoretical Modeling of Phase Diagram of Clathrate Hydrates toward Hydrogen Storage Applications
R.V. Belosludov, H. Mizuseki, O.S. Subbotin, V.R. Belosludov, Y. Kawazoe, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, JP
1:30Solar: Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection and Conversion - NNI Signature Initiative Special SessionRoom 312
Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, General Electric
1:30Printed Nanocrystal Solar Cells (invited presentation)
D. Reddy, Solexant, US
2:00Large Area a-Si/Si Nanowire Hybrid Solar Cells
S. Raychaudhuri, R. Lujan, K. Song, C. Paulson, R.A. Street, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), US
2:20In-situ Decoration and Doping of TiO2 Nanotube Arrays
H.A. Hamedani, N.K. Allam, H. Garmestani, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
2:40Tailoring Electron Diffusion in Electrospun Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
R. Jose, P.S. Archana, A. Le Viet, E. Naveen Kumar. M.M. Yusoff, S. Ramakrishna, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, MY
1:30Modeling & Simulation of Nanostructured MaterialsRoom 201
Session chair: Simon McGrother, Culgi and Hendrik Heinz, University of Akron
1:30Engineering property optimization based on atomistic models: myth or reality (invited presentation)
G. Goldbeck, Goldbeck Consulting Ltd, UK
2:00Requirements for the industrial computational chemistry of nanoscopic soft materials (invited presentation)
S.C. McGrother, S. Nath, J.G.E.M. Fraaije, Culgi USA, US
2:30Understanding Biomolecule-Inorganic Interfaces and Growth of Anisotropic Nanostructures (invited presentation)
H. Heinz, K.C. Jha, J. Feng, F.S. Emami, C.C. Perry, S.V. Patwardhan, R.J. Berry, B.L. Farmer, P.A. Mirau, R.R. Naik, University of Akron, US
3:00The Self-Assembly of Nano-Objects code (SANO-Grid) using Grid Interpolation technique: Application to epitaxial organic monolayers adsorbed on metal surfaces
T.J. Roussel, L.F. Vega, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. (ICMAB-CSIC), ES
3:20Multiferroic StTiO3/BiFeO3 Superlattice:Theory and Experiment
A. Roy, A. Garg, R. Prasad, S. Auluck, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, IN
3:40Tailoring Molecular Devices for its Electronic Properties
V. Lamba, D. Engles, S.K. Pati, Haryana College of Technology & Management, Kaithal, IN
1:30Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication 2Room 204
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, US
1:30Expanding Capabilities of a Machine Vision System for Analysis of Drops-in-flight
Y. Kipman, P. Mehta, S-W. Wang, ImageXpert Inc., US
1:50Imbibition dynamics of nano-particulate ink-jet drops on micro-porous media
W.-K. Hsiao, S.D. Hoath, G.D. Martin, I.M. Hutchings, S. Jones, N. Chilton, University of Cambridge, UK
2:10Advancement of Printed Electronics, Energetics, Materials, & Sensors (PEEMS) for Military Utilization
J.L. Zunino III, G. Di Benedetto, D.P. Schmidt, R.E. Cornell, A.M. Petrock, B.E. Fuchs, U.S. Army ARDEC, US
2:40Micro & Nano Fluidic SimulationRoom 204
Session chair: Daniel Attinger, Columbia University and Edward P. Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
2:40Design, Simulation, and Prototyping of an Impulse Turbine for Biomedical Applications
H. Cabra, University Of South Florida, US
3:00Modeling Nanoscale Plasmon-assisted Bubble Nucleation and Applications
E.P. Furlani, M.T. Swihart, N. Litchinitser, C.N. Delametter, M. Carter, University at Buffalo, US
3:20CFD-Assisted Design and Optimization of a Pharmacokinetic Microfluidic System
M. Moeini Sedeh, J.M. Khodadadi, J.W. Hong, K.A. Cramer, M. Hamon, Auburn University, US
3:40Design of Optimized Microfluidic Devices for Viscoelastic Fluid Flow
M.A. Alves, Universidade do Porto - Faculdade de Engenharia, PT
4:00Numerical Study on the Mixing Performance of Ring-Type Electroosmotic Micromixer with Configurations of Obstacle in the Mixing Chamber
H-S. Seo, J-C. Lee,Y-J. Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
1:30Microtech for Quality of Life and Medical Applications - MIG Special SymposiaRoom 209
Session chair: Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
1:30Modeling Objective Quality of Life using Smartphone Sensors (invited presentation)
A. Madan,, US
1:50Total Artificial Heart Utilizes MEMS Technology (invited presentation)
D. Sandfox, Omron Electronic Components LLC, US
-, Break, US
2:30MEMS in QoL Medical Devices and why the world is ready for Silicon-implantable Devices - MIG Special SymposiaRoom 209
Session chair: Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
-Advanced MEMS/NEMS Processing for Improved Drug Delivery
R. Goodall, Nano Medical Systems, Inc., US
-Convergence of MEMS, Microfluidics, and Semiconductor Processing in Life SciencesR. Brossart_Sr., SVTC Technologies, US
-S. Wilcenski, MEMSCAP, Inc., US
-J. Borenstein, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, US
3:30MEMS in QoL Medical Devices - Closing Keynote
B. Wirth, GE Sensing, US
4:00Conclusion and Wrap-up
K. Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
1:30Nano Medical Sciences 1Room 302
Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI
1:30A nanoscience-based approach to protein condensation diseases - the example of cataract formation (invited presentation)
A. Stradner, Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, CH
2:00CNS Regeneration After Chronic Injury Using a Self-assembled Nano Material
Y.-X. Liang, S.W.H. Cheung, K.C.W. Chan, E.X. Wu, D.K.C. Tay, R.G. Ellis-Behnke, Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg, DE
2:20Nano-neuronal recording for Neurodegenerative disease research
A. Islam, E. Panaitescu, D. Reig, L. Menon, Northeastern University, US
2:40The mechanical sensitivity of vesicle dynamics in in vivo and in vitro neurons
W. Ahmed, T. Li, S. Rubakhin, A. Chiba, J. Sweedler, T.A. Saif, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
3:00Effects of Chitosan and Nanoparticles on Survival of Schwann Cells and Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons
J.C.K. Lai, W. Gao, S.W. Leung, Idaho State University, US
3:20Magnetic manipulation of nanorods inside the nucleus of living cells
A. Celedon, Johns Hopkins University & Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, US
3:40Quantum Dots as a Unique Nanoscaffold to Mimic Membrane Receptor Clustering
N. Anikeeva, D. Gakamsky, Yu. Sykulev, Thomas Jefferson University, US
4:00Evidence of the Anti-inflammatory effect of Silver- polyvinyl Pyrrolidone Nanoparticles (Ag-PVP) in Chlamydia trachomatis infected Macrophages and HeLa Cells
A.N. Yilma, S.R. Singh, T.A. Murtada, S. Fairley, P. Subbarayan, V.A. Dennis, Alabama State University, US
1:30Nanoparticles: Medical Diagnostics and Health Effects of NanoparticlesRoom 304
Session chair: S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zurich & Takao Tani, Toyota, Japan
1:30Implantable Magnetic Relaxation Sensors for the Detection of Biomarkers and Nanotechnology for Early Cancer Diagnosis (invited presentation)
M.J. Cima, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:00Plasmonic Biosensors with biocompatible nanosilver
G.A. Sotiriou, T. Sannomiya, A. Teleki, J. Voeroes, S.E. Pratsinis, Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zurich, CH
2:20Pro-angiogenic properties of cerium oxide nanoparticles: Role of surface Ce3+/Ce4+ ratio on induction of tube formation
S. Das, S. Singh, J.M. Dowding, S. Oommen, A. Kumar, C.R. Patra, N.E. Vlahakis, D. Mukhopadhyay, W.T. Self, S. Seal, University of Central Florida, US
2:40Optimized and High-performance plasmonic nanoarrays for SERS using self-assembly of copolymer templates
S. Krishnamoorthy, P. Thoniyot, F.L. Yap, M. Olivo, H.Y. Low, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A-STAR, SG
3:00Rifampicin nanosuspension production using microfluidic device
J.N. Schianti, N.N.P. Cerize, A.M. Oliveira, S. Derenzo, M.R. Gongora-Rubio, Polytechnic School - University of São Paulo, BR
3:20Microencapsulation Based on Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for controlled and targeted release of Biopesticides
A. Popa, S. Qiao, G.Q. Lu, M. Kennedy, B. Peters, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, AU
1:30Novel NanocompositesRoom 207
Session chair: Tom Twardowski
1:30Toughened Epoxies Using Nanoscale Additives (invited presentation)
R.A. Pearson, Lehigh University, US
2:00Dispersing carbon nanotubes in polymer nanocomposites: detecting individually dispersed tubes
V. Tishkova, G. Bonnet, P. Puechmont, E. Flahaut, W.S. Bacsa, CEMES, Univ. Toulouse, FR
2:20Layered nanocomposites of plate-like particles and polymers
Y. Zhang, J.R.G. Evans, University College London, UK
2:40Fabrication and Testing of Three-Dimensionally Reinforced Carbon Nanotube Based Laminated Nanocomposites
D. Askari, M.N. Ghasemi-Nejhad, The University of Texas at Brownsville, US
3:00Improving Aircraft Safety with Metallic Nanoparticles
M. Jalali, S. Dauterstedt, F. Moupfouma, A. Michaud, R. Wuthrich, Bombardier Aerospace, CA
1:30Films & Coatings: Optical ApplicationsRoom 203
Session chair: Lisa E. Friedersdorf, nanoSTAR Institute
1:30Scratch the Surface InksTM: Reversible Mechanochromic Luminescent Films (invited presentation)
G. Zhang, N.D. Nguyen, T. Liu, J. Lu, A.D. Chien, M. Sabat, C.L. Fraser, University of Virginia & Luminesco, Inc., US
2:00Polymeric Microlens and Current Manufacturing Methods
J. Sumerel, Rambus, US
2:30High-Efficiency Optical Absorbers Derived from Carbon Nanostructures
D.B. Kaul, J.B. Coles, K.G. Megerian, M. Eastwood, R.O. Green, T. Pagano, P.R. Bandaru, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US
2:50Green emitting SrAl2O4:Eu2+ nanocones prepared by vapor-liquid-solid growth
J.M. Liang, Z.Q. Shen, L.L. He, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Acadmy of Sciences, CN
1:30Polymer Nanotechnology ApplicationsRoom 206
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, Dow Chemical Company
1:30Challenges and Needs in Modern Nanotechnologies - an Industrial Perspective (invited presentation)
B. Dems, Dow, US
2:00Highly Thermally Conductive Polymers (invited presentation)
G. Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:30Controlling pH responsive polymersome assembly
R. Pearson, G. Battaglia, University of Sheffield, UK
2:50Fabrication of nanostructured microworms for sensor applications
J.L. Yagüe, J.M. Dubach, G. Ozaydin-Ince, H.A. Clark, K.K. Gleason, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
1:30Nanoscale Materials Characterization: AFM based materials characterization and nanoindentationRoom 208
Session chair: Dalia Yablon, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
1:30Simultaneous nanoscale chemical and mechanical property characterization at variable temperatures using AFM-IR (invited presentation)
K. Kjoller, Anasys Instruments, US
2:00Nanoscale Thermal Property Mapping of Polymeric Materials Suitable for Electronic Applications (invited presentation)
L.T. Germinario, K. Sahagian, R.H. Brown, K. Kjoller, T.E. Long, Appalachian State University, US
2:30Differentiating and Quantifying Material Phases via Nanoindenter-Based Techniques (invited presentation)
O. Warren, Hysitron Inc., US
3:00Mapping viscoelastic properties of polymer blends with AFM (invited presentation)
D. Yablon, ExxonMobil, US
1:30Advanced Packaging & Interfaces for MEMS & NEMSRoom 111
Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA, US
1:30Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Inverse Adiabatic Fiber-To-Chip Couplers
M. Araghchini, A. Khilo, C.W. Holzwarth, M.S. Dahlem, H.I. Smith, E.P. Ippen, F.X. Kärtner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
1:50Investigation of Lead-free Nanosolder Reflow and Wettability Property for Electronics/Nanoelectronics Assembly and Packaging
F. Gao, Z. Gu, S. Shina, G. Morose, P. Eliason, R. Farrell, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
2:10Effects of Ag and Pd Addition on Mechanical Property and Ion-migration Tolerance in Low Temperature Sintering Bonding Using Ag2O Paste
A. Hirose, T. Itou, T. Ogura, Osaka University, JP
2:30Lead Frame Package of MEMS Devices using Wafer-level, Air-gap Structures
N. Fritz, R. Saha, S.A. Bidstrup Allen, P.A. Kohl, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
2:50Novel Nanofiber Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) with coupled conductive particles for Ultra Fine Pitch Electronic Packaging Applications
K-L Suk, K.W. Paik, KAIST, KR
3:10Compliant interconnect technology for power modules in automotive applications
P. Nenzi, University of Rome la Sapienza, IT
1:30Advancements in Nanotechnology and Nanomanufacturing Enabled by NIST PartnershipsRoom 110
1:30Expanding U.S. Innovation in Areas of Critical National Need - TIP Interests and Funding in Nanomanufacturing (invited presentation)
L. Wisniewski, NIST Technology Innovation Program, US
1:55Nanotechnology at NIST: Measurements, Standards, and Shared Resources (invited presentation)
L. Whitman, NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, US
2:20Bridging a Large Gap with Small Materials: Cost-Effective Scalable Carbon Nanotubes and Inks for Real-World Applications (invited presentation)
P. Wallis and M. Hladik, SouthWest Nanotechnologies & Brewer Science, US
2:45PRINT® Nanoparticle Manufacturing Scale-Up for Pharmaceutical Applications (invited presentation)
D.A. Schorzman, Liquidia Technologies, Inc., US
3:10An Integrated Microsystem for Optical Neuronal Stimulation in Awake and Behaving Animals (invited presentation)
B. Jamieson, Scientific & Biomedical Microsystems, US
3:35Next Generation Focused Ion Beams from Laser-Cooled Atoms (invited presentation)
J. McClelland, NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, US
1:30NanoFab: Novel Nanostructure FabricationRoom 202
Session chair: Jason Haaheim, NanoInk, US
1:30New technology for metal nanorods formation
M. Balucani, University of Rome la Sapienza, IT
1:50DNA-mediated nanoprinting of plasmonic nanostructures
Y. Zheng, Monash University, AU
2:10A Novel High-Throughput Nanofabrication Technique for Producing Indefinitely Long, Uniform Nanostructures
M. Bayindir, M. Yaman, M. Kanik, E. Ozgur, T. Khudiyev, O. Aktas, E.O. Ozgur, H. Deniz, E. Korkut, Bilkent University, TR
2:30A New Scalable Technique for Continuous Nanofiber Fabrication from Sheared Liquid Dispersions
M.C. Wright, P. Geisen, S. Gangwal, S.K. Smoukov, O.D. Velev, Xanofi, Inc., US
2:50From the fabrication strategy to the device integration of gas nanosensors based on individual nanowires
R. Jiménez-Diaz, J.D. Prades, O. Casals, T. Andreu, J.R. Morante, S. Mathur, L. Fonseca, C. Cane, J. Santander, S. Barth, F. Hernandez-Ramirez, A. Romano-Rodriguez, Universitat de Barcelona (UB), ES
1:30Bio Nano Materials: Nanoscale design using biomolecular building blocksRoom 309
Session chair: Giuseppe Battaglia, The University of Sheffield
1:30Molecular Machinery from DNA (invited presentation)
A.J. Turberfield, Oxford University, UK
2:00A Helical Peptide can Mediate Electron over 120 Å by Hopping Mechanism
Y. Arikuma, H. Nakayama, T. Morita, S. Kimura, Kyoto University, JP
2:20Attenuated-Affinity Biotin Analogs for Catch-and-Release with Streptavidin
S. Corry, L-Q Ying, B. Branchaud, Life Technologies, US
2:40Bio Nano Materials: Cell Supports & Scaffolds 1Room 309
Session chair: Giuseppe Battaglia, The University of Sheffield
2:40Cell Supports & Scaffolds (invited presentation)
M. Soichet, R. Wylie, University of Toronto, Canada, CA
3:10Rapid, Flexible Prototyping of Cellular Scaffolds
R.T.S. Lam, J.M. Collins, S. Nettikadan, NanoInk, Inc., US
3:30Generation of Biomimetic Artificial Cartilage using Nanostructured Photopolymerizable Gelatin
G.E.M. Tovar, Fraunhofer Institute IGB / University of Stuttgart, DE
1:30Nano Materials for Drug & Gene DeliveryRoom 109
Session chair: Lori Henderson, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH
1:30Gene Delivery and Transfection in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells using Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Targeted Gelatin Nanoparticles
J. Xu, M. Amiji, Northeastern University, US
1:50Plasmonic Nanobubbles for Intracellular Targeting and Gene Therapy
E. Lukianova-Hleb, J. Wen, L. Meteletsa, M. Brenner, J. Chang, D.O. Lapotko, Rice University, US
2:10Design of Cationic Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as Efficient siRNA Vectors for Tumour Eradication in Vivo
K.T. Al-Jamal, C. Guo, W.T. Al-Jamal, M.A. Herrero, F.M. Toma, A. Bianco, M. Prato, K. Kostarelos, King’s College London, UK
2:30Vascular permeability changes in correlation with piggyBac transposon-based gene delivery rates
P. Anastasiadis, T.O. Matsunaga, S. Moisyadi, J.S. Allen, University of Hawaii at Manoa, US
2:50Spectrally-Selective Light-Induced Release from Gold-Coated Liposomes
S.J. Leung, M. Romanowski, University of Arizona, US
1:30Welcome to Nanotech GermanyRoom 205
1:30Opening and Welcome
F. Wolf, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Bonn, DE
1:40CNT – A novel cooperation model to conquer new markets for CNT based products
P. Krüger, Inno.CNT, DE
2:00Zentallium®, ZoLiBat® & H2Tank2Go®-modules and ZE-powerplant -nanostructures for zero-emission future transportation and energy
D. Zoz, Zoz Group, DE
2:20Carbon Nanotubes and Nano Structures for Applicati on in Interconnects, Sensors and Wafer Level Packaging
S. Schulz, Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems, Chemnitz, DE
2:40NanoMat: The German Network for Nanomaterials and Polymer Phase Lithography: Layout-Controlled and Spontaneous Structure Formation on the Nano Scale
T. Heiler, R. Hedderich, R. Gröger, S. Walheim, T. Schimmel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, NanoMat, DE
3:00Sharing the enthusiasm for Nano
B. Gerbauer, Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM), DE
3:20CANdots: Nanoparticles for your Purpose
J. Niehaus, D. Tiegs, S. Becker, V-H. Tran, H. Weller, Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN) GmbH, DE
3:40Hi-Tec Nano-Composites Containing Carbon Nanotubes
W. Schütz, FutureCarbon GmbH, DE
4:00Electron Beam Lithography: The Nanolithography for Nanotechnology
J. Krostoff and I. Stolberg, Vistec Electron Beam Lithography Group, US
1:30Italian Innovation & Commercialization OpportunitiesRoom 305
1:30Welcome and Opening
M. Loddo, Italian Trade Commission, IT
1:40Italian Cutting Edge in Renewable Energy Technologies
TBA, Politecnico di Torino, IT
1:55Nanotech in Italy
TBA, Nanotec IT- Italian Centre for Nanotechnology, IT
2:10Torino Piemonte, the Intelligent Location - Business Opportunity in the Nano and Clean Tech Sectors
F. Zardi, Invest in Torino Piemonte, Piemonte Agency, IT
2:30Piedmont’s Nanotech Solutions For Energy Sources At High Miniaturization And Efficiency
TBA, IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IT
2:40Innovation and Commercialization
M. Loddo, Italian Trade Commission, IT
1:30Biosensors: Health ResearchRoom 210
Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Labs, US
1:30Topical Sensory Nanoparticles for in vivo Biomarker Detection
J. Patrone, J. Benkoski, M. Patchan, X. Calderon-Colon, H. Le, J. Sample, JHU/APL, US
1:50Identification of Molecular-Mimicry-Based Ligands for Cholera Diagnostics using Magnetic Relaxation
O.J. Santiesteban, C. Kaittanis, T. Banerjee, S. Santra, K. Teter, J.M. Perez, University of Central Florida, US
2:10Portable gas sensor for breath analysis
M. Righettoni, A. Tricoli, S. Gass, S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zurich, CH
2:30A double-bead sandwich assay for protein detection in serum based on localized surface plasmon resonance
H. Jans, K. Jans, T. Stakenborg, G. Borghs, G. Maes, L. Lagae, IMEC, BE
1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Advanced Materials/ChemicalsRoom 303
Session chair: Brian Johnston, Eastman Kodak
1:30Segmented Flow Through Reactor for Tailored Particle Production
H. Hofmann, EPFL, CH
1:40Portfolio of Bio-Based Functional Resins and Thermoset Materials
J. Tolstedt, NDSU Research Foundation, US
1:50Biocidal Additives-Free Polymers
N. Gadoury, Univalor, CA
2:00A bio-based renewable route to the commodity chemical Isobutyric Acid
A. Hall, University of Minnesota, US
2:10CondAlign advanced conductive materials technology
M. Buchanan, CondAlign AS, NO
2:20Biobased Latex Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
E. Hockert, University of Minnesota, US
2:30Adhesive compostion based in natural solvents for tire retreading and shoes manufacture
M. Seferin, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul-PUCRS, BR
1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: TransportationRoom 301
Session chair: Keith Ritala, University of Washington, US
1:30Radio-Radar Fusion System for Intelligent Vehicles and Road Infrastructures
T. Martinuzzo, Univalor, CA
1:40Miniature Multimodal MEMS based 77 GHz solid state Automotive Radar System using Rotman lens beam forming.
H. Schmidt, University of Windsor, CA
1:50Fluid Dynamical Fractals
A. Commito, Imperial Innovations Ltd, UK
2:00Excitelet Imaging technique using dispersive correlation for Structural Health Monitoring
2:10Universal Utility Interface for Hybrid-Electric and Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid
E. Olson, University of Minnesota, US
2:20Method of Eliminating Galvanic Corrosion of Magnesium
H. Schmidt, University of Windsor, CA
1:30Harvard and MIT Technology ShowcaseRoom 306
Session chair: Bob Benson, Harvard University
B. Benson, Harvard University, US
1:35Nanotechnology Meets Biology (invited presentation)
C. Lieber, Harvard University, US
2:00Ultra-Sensitive, Label-Free Biosensor For Diagnostic Applications (invited presentation)
M. Loncar, Harvard University, US
2:15Extracting value from biomedical images using human and machine intelligence (invited presentation)
S. Seung, MIT, US
2:30Nanowire Platform for Biomolecule Delivery (invited presentation)
H. Park, Harvard University, US
2:45Convergence of medical procedures with drugs and diagnostics (invited presentation)
M. Cima, MIT, US
2:50CTSI Utility Technology ChallengeRoom 311
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
2:50Ideal Power Converters (Distributed Generation), P. Bundschuh
3:02Plasma2Energy (Distributed Generation), R. Sanchez
3:14Energy Compression (Energy Storage), T. Havel
3:26EnerVault Corporation (Energy Storage), C. Horne
3:38XTreme Power (Energy Storage), C. Coe
3:50InnoSepra, LLC (Natural Gas), R. Jain
4:02OsComp Systems (Natural Gas), P. Santos
4:14Prism Solar Technologies (Distributed Generation – Alumna), J. Barry
3:10TechConnect IP Partnering: Sensors & MicrosystemsRoom 303
Session chair: Tom O’Donnell, Product Genesis
3:10Computational Method for Improved Forewarning of Critical Events
D. Sims, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
3:20LABRADOR(Lightweight Analyzer for Buried Remains And Decomposition Odor Recognition)
R. Speck, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
3:30Light-directed, in situ synthesis of RNA microarrays
M. Beaulieu, McGill University, CA
3:40Method Of Applying A Lubricant To A Micromechanical Device
CW Su, National University of Singapore, SG
3:50Novel Measuring Technologies and Series of Universal Sensors and Transducers Interfaces (USTI) ICs on its basis
S. Yurish, Technology Assistance BCNA 2010, S.L., ES
4:00A software to develop low cost and highly efficient self-adaptive grippers
T. Martinuzzo, Univalor, CA
3:10TechConnect IP Partnering: Solar PowerRoom 301
Session chair: Cheemin Bo- Linn, Peritus Partners
3:10A Single-Phase PV Inverter with Reduced Size Passive Components and Improved Energy Yield
B. Loux, AzTE, US
3:20Novel method of silicon production
A. Sukhochev, Voronezh State University, RU
3:30Novel Electrospinning Spinneret for the Direct Production of Multi-Core/ Shell NanoFibrous Materials in Single Technological Step
T. Chong, NUS Enterprise, SG
3:40Formation of the metal electrodes of silicon wafer solar cells using high-energy metal ions.
T. Chong, NUS Enterprise, SG
3:50Nanostructured Transparent Polymer Materials for Replacing Glass and Producing High Efficient PV Modules
E. Shembel, Enerize Corporation, US
4:00Hybrid solar module and charging system(PZT solar system)
H.H. Ham, SINBI & SUN Co., Ltd., KR
4:10Self Cleaning Solar Panels
J. Jensen, Boston University, US
3:15Harvard and MIT Technology ShowcaseRoom 306
Session chair: Chris Noble, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
C. Noble, MIT, US
3:20Key Semiconductor Advances in Electronics and Optoelectronics (invited presentation)
G. Fitzgerald, MIT, US
3:35New versatile nano/microstructured surfaces: Applications in anti-icing, prevention of biofouling and self-cleaning oleophobic materials (invited presentation)
J. Aizenberg, Harvard University, US
3:50Nanoengineered Surfaces for Efficiency Enhancements in Energy and Water (invited presentation)
K. Varanasi, MIT, US
4:05Filtration System for Small-Medium Scale Wastewater and Water Treatment (invited presentation)
C. Vectis, Harvard University, US
4:20Smartphone control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) (invited presentation)
M. Cummings, MIT, US
4:00Harvard & MIT Technology Innovation Poster Presentations, Exhibit Hall, Booth 1030Expo Hall
-Rapid and Effective Cell Separations Using Multiphase Systems of Aqueous Polymers
G. Whitesides, C. Mace, Harvard University, US
-Nanowire Delivery of Biomolecules to Cells
H. Park, A. Shalek , Harvard University, US
-Robust Slippery Surfaces as Optically Transparent, Oleophobic, and Anti-icing Materials
J. Aizenberg, T.S. Wong, S.H. Kang, Harvard University, US
-Ultrasensitive, Handheld, Real-Time Biomedical Sensor For Diagnostics and Food Safety
M. Loncar, Q. Quan, Harvard University, US
-Micro-spectrometer for Real-Time Diagnostics and Quality Control
M. Loncar, P.B. Deotare, O. Quan, Harvard University, US
-Nanopore Sequencing by Nano-FET from Local Electrical Potential Measurement
C. Lieber, P. Xie, Harvard University, US
-A new chemical for low-temperature deposition of transparent conductors and semiconductors for applications to solar cells and to transparent electronics
R. Gordon, J. Heo, P. Sinsermsuksakul, Harvard University, US
-Electrochemical Carbon Nanotube Filter for Water Treatment Applications
C. Vectis, Harvard University, US
-Nanowire Investigations of Cells and Tissues
C. Lieber, T. Cohen-Karmi, Harvard University, US
-Repelling Water Droplets to Prevent Ice Formation
J. Aizenberg, L. Mishchenko, Harvard University, US
-Chemically Encoded 3D Photonic Crystals: From Multilevel Encryption to Colorimetric Fluid Identification
M. Loncar, J. Aizenberg, I. Burgess, Harvard University, US
-Mechano-responsive buckled surfaces for switchable privacy screens and decoration
J. Aizenberg, P. Kim, Harvard University, US
-Coating Plastics and Other Soft Materials with Silica Using a Room Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Process: A Poor Man’s ALD
J. Aizenberg, B. Hatton, Harvard University, US
-MIT Technology Available for Licensing Poster Session will include posters highlighting research in the area of energy efficient networking, biomedical glucose sensors, medical devices, thermopower wave portable energy sources, and antifogging and hydrophilic surfaces to name a few. Over 20 technologies will be highlighted on posters located adjacent to booth #1031.
4:00Italian Trade Commission Reception - Nanotech booth 1607, Cleantech booth 707Expo Hall
4:15MEMS Networking Reception - Sponsored by NSTI & MEMS Industry GroupRoom 209
5:00CTSI Utility Technology Challenge Awards and Reception (5:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall
4:00Innovation Showcase & Poster Session - Reception (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall
Nano & Micro: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsExpo Hall
-Smectic structure of Nano Crystalline Cellulose Established by Large-Scale Parallel Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Y. Kadiri, D. Simon, G. Picard, Ahuntsic College, CA
-Dissipative Intrinsic Localized Modes in Nano-ferroelectrics
A. Biswas, K. Chowdhury, A.K. Bandyopadhyay, A.K. Bhattacharjee, D. Mandal, Dumkal Institute of Engg. & Technology, IN
-Calculated Production Yields in Metallofullerene Series
Z. Slanina, F. Uhlik, T. Akasaka, S. Nagase, Institute for Molecular Science, JP
-Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) 2-D Channel Electrostatic Potential Model for TCAD Application
H. Abebe, E. Cumberbatch, USC, US
-Lumped Modeling of Carbon Nanotubes for M/NEMS Simulation
R. Bansal, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
-Application of a Nanoclay-Polypropylene Composite to Efficient Vehicle Occupant Safety Countermeasure Design
A. Deb, G.S. Venkatesh, A.G. Karmarkar, B. Gurumoorthy, Indian Institute of Science, IN
-Simulation-Based Evolutionary Approach to Electrical Characteristic Optimization of Silicon Solar Cells
Z-L Lu, National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Numerical evaluation of growth conditions of GaN-based LEDs in multiwafer MOCVD reactor
L. Yang, J. Zhang, J. Hu, Shanghai University, CN
Nanoscale Materials CharacterizationExpo Hall
-Structural and Mechanical Changes in Heart Mitochondria of Rat by AFM
G.J. Lee, S.J. Chae, S.W. Kang, J.W. Lee, S.J. Ha, Y. Kim, W. Kim, H.K. Park, Kyung Hee University, KR
-Nanostructured Materials Characterization by X-Ray Diffraction
I. Cernatescu, PANalytical, US
-Contrast Enhancement for Low Dose Imaging with Hole-Free Phase Plate TEM
H. Qian, National Institute for Nanotechnology, NRC, CA
-Nano-imprinting technology applied in pentacene films
M-H Chang, W-Y Chou, National Cheng Kung University, TW
-Role of Hard Segment Induced Nanosized Domain on Concentrated Solutions and Bulk Properties
K.W. Lem, D.S. Lee, J.R. Haw, G.S. Song, S. Curran, S. Sund, Z. Iqbal, C. Brumlik, Konkuk University, KR
-Fabrication and Characterization of pH-Responsive, Nanoparticle-Attached Porphyrins for Singlet Oxygen Production
W. Li, S. Courtney, N. Gandra, E.D. Ellis, P.T. Tiyyagura, R. Gao, Jackson State University, US
-A Study on Fabrication of Cellulose Nanofibers in Water
K.-Y. Kim, W.-Y. Jeong, D.-Y. Lim, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, KR
-Preparation of Ag/TiO2/bamboo charcoal composite based on chemical and electrochemical synthesis: characterization and antibacterial study
S. Pookboonmee, K. Laohhasurayotin, National Science and Technology Development Agency, TH
-siRNA Delivery Using Biodegradable Nanoparticles for Breast Cancer Therapy
S. Abbasi, P. Arghya, K. Afshan, S. Prakash, McGill University, CA
-Influence of microwave irradiation on the physical characteristics of ITO layers printed with nano-ink containing ITO nanoparticles
J-W Kim, Y-S Kim, S-J Hong, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, KR
-Attachment of Quantum dots and gold nano particles on ZnO nanorods and nanotubes
P. Hari, J. Seay, H. Liang, The University of Tulsa, US
-Development of high performance MWCNTs-dispersed-media
N. Tarumoto, Hodogaya chemical Co., Ltd, JP
-Electrospun Polycaprolactone Nanofiber Tubes- Preparation and Characterization
Z. Khatri, I.S. Kim, B.S. Kim, K.O. Kim, N. Ryu, Nano Fusion Technology Research Group, Shinshu University, JP
Carbon Nano Structures & DevicesExpo Hall
-Introduction to Raman Spectroscopy as a Characterization Tool for Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and other Carbon Nanostructures
M. Wall, J. Hodkiewicz, Thermo Fisher Scientific, US
-Electrical Conductivity Control in SPNT Process
K.C. Nguyen, H.P. Dinh, T.T. Tran, Saigon Hi Tech Park Research Laboratories (SHTP Labs), VN
-Platelet graphite nanofibers synthesized by the pyrolysis of poly(ethylene glycol)/hydrochloric acid mixture and nickel catalyst
W-H Lin, Y-Y Li, National Chung Cheng University, TW
-Synthesis of platelet carbon nanofibers by an injection CVD method and their applications in hydrogen storage
H.C. Wu, Y.Y. Li, National Chung Cheng University, TW
-Decorated Single- and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Aiming H2S Sensing
C. Verissimo, M. Ding, A. Abbaspourrad, A. Star, S. Moshkalev, University of Campinas - UNICAMP, BR
-Development of high-performance CNT emitter for various field emission device applications
J-W Jeong, J-W Kim, J-T Kang, S. Choi, Y-H Song, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, KR
-A field-emission X-ray source using an anisotropically focused electron beam
S. Jung, W.K. Han, D. Kim, W.S. Chang, S.K. Seol, W.M. Bae, G.S. Byun, K.C. Park and B.K. Ju, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, KR
-Increased Sensitivity of Carbon Nanotube Sensors by Forming Stable and Low Resistance CNT/metal Electrode
D. Jeon, D. Park, S. Lee, Seoul National University, KR
-Carbon Nanotubes and Liquid Crystals Electro-Optic Cells
G.Y. Georgiev, E.A. Gombos, M.B. McIntyre, M.F. Mattera, P.A. Gati, Y. Cabrera, P. Cebe, Assumption College, US
-Graphene as a Impermeable Gas Membrane
G. Brunetto, S.B. Legoas, V.R. Coluci, L.S. Lucena, D.S. Galvao, Unicamp, BR
-Fabrication and characterization of thin-film transistors based on printable functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes
J. Zhao, J. Lin, Z. Cui, Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO), CAS, CN
-Simultaneous Conductivity and Solubility of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
A.H. Brozena, J. Moskowitz, B. Shao, S. Deng, H. Liao, K.J. Gaskell, Y.H. Wang, University of Maryland, College Park, US
-Optimization of Graphene Production in Anodic Arc
A. Shashurin, J. Li, Y. Raitses, M. Keidar, Applied Plasma Science, LLC, US
-Graphite Layer Nano-composites with Polyurethane Matrix
M. Czajka, R.A. Shanks, RMIT University, AU
Nanoparticle Synthesis & ApplicationsExpo Hall
-Removal of 10-nm contaminant particles from a wafer surface with supersonic CO2 particle beam
I-H Kim, E-J Kim, J.W. Lee, POSTECH, KR
-Surface modification of powders and nanostructure deposition in the afterglow of a low power barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure
A. Sonnenfeld, P. Reichen, Ph.R. von Rohr, ETH Zurich, CH
-Synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnO powder using ultrasonic atomization technique and application of its thick films for highly toxic gases
L.A. Patil, Pratap College Amalner, IN
-Synthesis of Molybdenum Nanoparticles by RF Plasma
J.-I. Park, Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology(RIST, KR
-Sintering Rate and Mechanism of TiO2 Nanoparticles by Molecular Dynamics
B. Buesser, A.J. Gröhn, S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zurich, CH
-Preparation and characterization of PPy-CD nanospheres with a core-shell nanostructure
S.M. Shang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
-Wet organometallic chemistry for palladium nanoparticles synthesis performed in an organic media and under supercritical conditions in microreactors
S. Desportes, B. Tidona, Ph.R. von Rohr, ETH Zurich, CH
-Hydrothermal Synthesis and Surface Characterization of Novel Alpha Alumina – based Nanomaterials
W.L. Suchanek, J.M. Garcés, M. Jaroniec, Sawyer Technical Materials, LLC, US
-Hydrothermal Synthesis and Properties of Hierarchical ZnO and Eu-doped ZnO 3D Structures
C. Verissimo, A. Abbaspourrad, K. Sunter, F. Capasso, S. Moshkalev, D. Weitz, University of Campinas - UNICAMP, BR
-Synthesis of nanocrystalline nitrate enclathrated zeolite with intermediate framework structure between sodalite (SOD) and cancrinite (CAN)
J.-Ch. Buhl, S. Cramm, Leibniz University Hannover, DE
-Green and Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanophosphors for Biomedical Applications
R. Gruar, S. Kellici, C. Tighe, J. Darr, UCL, UK
-Microwave Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles: Effect of Applied Microwave Power and Solution pH
S.K. Seol, D. Kim, S. Jung, Y. Hwu, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), KR
-Controlling the Size and Morphology of Silver Nanoparticles: Role of Chemical Routes
T. Ahmad, Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), IN
-Electrical conductivity studies of nanocrystalline Dy3+ doped BaMoO4, synthesised by sol-gel process
P. Jena, N. Nallamuthu, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry university, IN
-Simple, open air method to synthesize monodisperse and size selective PbSe quantum dots
Y. Pan, J. Lombardi, City College of New York, US
-H2 Generation from Thermochemical Water-Splitting Reaction Using Sol-Gel Derived Un-doped and Doped Ferrite Materials
R.R. Bhosale, R.V. Shende, J.A. Puszynski, South Dakota School of MInes & Technology, US
-Characterization of Catalyst Effect on Carbon Nanopearls
S. Pacley, M. Theodore, Air Force Research Laboratory, US
-Stable Nanoparticles for High Salinity Applications
H. Zhu, S.S. Lee, V.L. Colvin, Rice University, US
-Combustion synthesis of Gd3+ doped nanoceria electrolyte and its composite electrodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells
R.V. Mangalaraja, S. Ananthakumar, H.E. Carrasco, M. Paulraj, M. Lopez, C.P. Camurri, R.E. Avila, University of Concepcion, CL
Bio Nano MaterialsExpo Hall
-Characterization of rMOMP-187 Peptide Encapsulated in PLGA 50:50 Nanoparticles
M. Taha, S.R. Singh, C. Butler, E. Nyairo, V.A. Dennis, Alabama State University, US
-Plasma coupled to chemical grafting: collagen functionalization for nanomedicine applications
S. Panseri, L. Cipolla, L. Russo, S. Zanini, C. Riccardi, A. Russo, M. Marcacci, A. Fiorani, C. Gualandi, M.L. Focarete, F. Nicotra, University of Bologna, IT
-Synergistic effects in mixed micellization between natural and synthetic block copolymers
I. Portnaya, R. Khalfin, E. Kesselman, D. Danino, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, IL
-siRNA and Paclitaxel Loaded PEG-PCL-PEI Tri-block Polymeric Micelle for Gene and Chemo-therapy Applications in Multidrug-resistance cancer cell
C.-Y. Hsu, National Chung Hsing University, TW
-Bioactivation of Titanium Surfaces by Femtosecond laser Processing
A. Tavangar, B. Tan, K. Venkatakrishnan, Ryerson University, CA
-Assembly of sequential glycolytic enzymes on a DNA scaffold
L. Gao, C. Mukai, R. Cohen, L.Y. Wu, J.L. Nelson, J.P. Lata, M. Bergkvist, A.J. Travis, Cornell University, US
-Biological effects of PLA-TCP nanocomposites on osteoblastic cells
T.-I. Kim, S.-P. Lee, J.-W. Kim, H.-W. Kim, H.-H. Lee, Seoul National University, KR
-Formation of Focal Adhesions on the Portein Nanoarrays
P. Chen, Academia Sinica, TW
-In vitro cytotoxicity assessment of nano-particulate silver in mammalian cell lines
S.G. Mukherjee, Focas Institute, Dublin Institute of Technology, IE
-Photo-destruction of cancer cells by NIR irradiation and graphene nano-sheets
M. Abdolahad, S. Mohajerzadeh, M. Janmaleki, O. Akhavan, University of Tehran, IR
-Poly(Lactic Acid) Hemp Composites Combined with Nano-Silica
I.R. Mustapa, M.N.M. Ansari, R.A. Shanks, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, MY
-Starch/MWCNT/Epoxy Composites for Biodegradable Batteries
M.N.M. Ansari, R.A. Shanks, I. Kong, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, MY
-Antioxidant activity of fullerene C60 against OH free radicals: An Quantum Chemistry and Computational Kinetics Study
C. Iuga, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, MX
-Preparation, Characterization and Antioxidative Activity of Anti-aging Nanoemulsion and Lipid Nanoparticles
Q. Xia, H. Wang, J. Tang, J. Wang, Southeast University, CN
Composite MaterialsExpo Hall
-Surface modification of SiO2 micro spheres by NiFe2O4 nanoparticles
I. Prakash, N. Nallamuthu, P. Muralidharan, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
-Synthesis and ac conductivity studies of PEO+LiClO4+ La2O3 + MoO3 nanocomposite polymer solid electrolyte
P. Ramesh Kumar, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry university, IN
-Organic- Inorganic Hybrid Composite made with Cellulose- Tin oxide
S.K. Mahadeva, J. Nayak, J. Kim, Inha University, KR
-ZnO-Cellulose Hybrid Material for a Green Nanocomposite
J. Kim, A. John, H.-U. Ko, S.-D. Jang, Inha University, KR
-Degradable elastomer composites containing layered silicate
M. Lipinska, M. Zaborski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
-Preparation and Characterization of Antibacterial TiO2/Poly[acrylamide-co-(acrylic acid)] Composite Hydrogel
K. Boonpavanitchakul, D. Yiamsawas, W. Kangwansupamonkon, National Nanotechnology Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency, TH
-Retarded Growth of Nano-sized Carbide Particles in Liquid Metals at 1500°C
J. Kim, J. Kim, M. Seo, J. Kim, S. Kang, Seoul National Univ., KR
-Yolk-shell nanoparticles: New avenues for developing nanoreactors and delivery vehicles
J. Liu, S.Z. Qiao, S. Budi Hartono, G.Q. Lu, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, AU
-Abrasion-Resistant Coatings by Nano-Diamonds
D. Ziltener, W.P. Weinhold R. Stengler, S. Guenther, Acctron AG, CH
-Carbon Nanotubes Change the Phase Diagram and Crystal Structure of 5CB Liquid Crystal
G.Y. Georgiev, M.B. McIntyre, E.A. Gombos, P. Cebe, Assumption College, US
-Computer Simulation of Graphene-Metal Composite Induced by Radiation
A.M. Ilyin, G.W. Beall, Texas State University, US
-Preparation and Characterization of Electrospun Nylon 6/FeCl2 Composite Nanofibers
N. Kimura, B-S. Kim, Y. Enomoto, I-S. Kim, Shinshu University, JP
-Influence of Silica Nanoparticles on the Thermal Transitions and Structure of PHBA-PET Nanocomposites
F. Miranda, A. Acevedo, University of Puerto Rico, PR
-Coupling of Superconductive YBa2Cu3O7 and Antiferromagnetic TbMnO3 Bi-layer Composite Thin Films
L. Yan, M. Zhuo, N. Haberkorn, F. Ronning, J. Thompson, L. Civale, Q. Jia, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
-The Effect of Various Binder Additions on the Magnetic Properties of Soft Magnetic P/M Cores
H.J. Kim, K.S. Kim, J.J. Song, S.C. Yoon, S.I. Kim, Inje University, KR
Materials for Drug & Gene DeliveryExpo Hall
-Layer-by-Layer Deposition of Cationic Polymers on Gold Nanoparticle for Non-viral Gene Delivery System
N. Saengkrit, National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC), TH
-beta-casein micelles and nanocapsules in drug delivery
R.L. Khalfin, M. Bachar, D. Danino, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, IL
-Nanoparticulate systems of Acyclovir for Topical use in Herpes treatment –formulation, characterization and evaluation
P. Srinivas, R. Devaraj, Sri Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy, IN
-New three-dimensional nanoscale magnetic graphene oxide for prostate cancer therapy
H-W Yang, S-J Tseng, S-L Chen, R-Y Tsai, S-T Pang, C-K Chuang, M-Y Hua, Chang Gung University, TW
-Biodegradable micro and nanoparticles for controlled drug release
C. Mattu, S. Sartori, E. Ranzato, M. Boffito, R. Li and G. Ciardelli, Politecnico di Torino, IT
-Cationic Nanoparticles Effectively Delivered VEGF SiRNA in A549 Cells
T. Yang, X. Li, Y. Liu, S. Bai, Husson University, US
-Novel CpG oligodeoxynucleotide and its delivery system
T. Yamazaki, W. Meng W, C. Zhi, Y. Zhu, N. Hanagata, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), JP
-Concentration and characterization of influenza antigen bulks for potential novel vaccine delivery applications
A. Scampini, S. Gallorini, B.C. Baudner, G. Palladino, M. Singh, D.T. O’Hagan, S. Kommareddy, Novartis, US
-Modeling Targeted Drug Delivery of Insulin
D. Scratchley, Nanotech Systems Inc., US
Nanostructured Materials & DevicesExpo Hall
-Electrodeposited 3-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous (3-DOM) Magnetic Materials
C. Kansal, K. Zeissler, B.N. Illy, W. Branford, M.P. Ryan, Imperial college london, UK
-Estimate effective interaction potentials from the static structure factor in pure fluids and nanocolloids
A. Oprisan, S.A. Oprisan, A. Teklu, J. Hegseth, College of Charleston, US
-Evaporative patterning of regular arrays of nanometer-sized metallic features using a mask of colloidal silica particles
J-C Cheang-Wong, L.M. López, E. Reséndiz, U. Morales, Instituto de Física, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, MX
-Growth and Characterization of Serrated GaN Nanowires
Z. Ma, D. McDowell, M. Abd Elmoula, E. Panaitescu, D. Reig, L. Menon, Northeastern University, US
-Integrated phase-Change memory in Bi2Te3 nanowires
N.A. Han, S.I. Kim, J.D. Yang, K. Lee, H. Sohn, H.M. So, C.W. Ahn, K.H. Yoo, Yonsei University, KR
-Fabrication of the –Fe2O3 nanowires and application of the photodetector/optical switching
L.C. Hsu, Y.Y. Li, National Chung Cheng University, TW
-Fluoropolymer Nanofibers (VDF-TFE 5 mol%) by Electrospinning
R. Khalfin, Y. Cohen, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, IL
-Self-assembly of Nanostructured ZnO-based Homojunction by Two-step Method
Y.Q. Changand, Y.D. Lu, J.L. Guo, X.D. Cui, L. Yang, Y.W. Wang, Y. Long, University of Science and Technology of Beijing, CN
-Control of Pore Size in Nanoporous Ultralow Dielectrics
I.Y. Kang, S.H. Song, H.W. Rhee, Sogang University, KR
-Supramolecular Dielectric for Low Voltage Organic Electronics
H.-C.L. Tsui, J. Steinke, A. Campbell, Imperial College London, UK
-Study of the Electronic and Structural Properties of Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride Trilayers
S.S. Coutinho, D.L. Azevedo, D.S. Galvão, State University of Campinas-UNICAMP, BR
Nanostructured Coatings, Surfaces & FilmsExpo Hall
-Biocompatible Nanomembranes based on PEGylation of Cross-Linked Self-Assembled Monolayers
N. Meyerbroeker, W. Eck, M. Zharnikov, University of Heidelberg, DE
-Electrodeposition of Rhenium-Tin Nanowires
A. Naor-Pomerantz, N. Eliaz, E. Gileadi, Tel Aviv University, IL
-On-demand release of corrosion-inhibiting molecules from layerd double hydroxide film formed on magnesium alloy
T. Ishizaki, K. Teshima, N. Saito, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), JP
-A comparative study over the photocatalytic activity of nanostructured TiO2 layers for air purifiers
M.V. Diamanti, B. Del Curto, MP. Pedeferri, A. Cigada, Politecnico di Milano, IT
-Upconverting Nanophosphors for High Temperature Sensing Applications
X. Guo, H. Zhao, H. Song, Q. Chen, K.K. Li, Y.K. Zou, H. Jiang, C. Combs, V. Narayanaswamy, N. Clemens, Boston Applied Technologies, Inc., US
-Stable Superhydrophobic TiO2-based Nanobelt Films with Controllable Transparence and Adhesion
Y.K. Laiand, J.J. Gong, Y.X. Tang, D.G. Gong, C.J. Lin, Z. Chen, Xiamen University, CN
-Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Thin Film Coatings from Teflon Dispersed Paraffin Wax/Polyolefin Blends with Thermal Energy Storage Capability
I. Bayer, D. Fragouli, A. Athanassiou, R. Cingolani, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
-Water induced nano-organization of covalent silica nano-particles
E. Taffin de Givenchy, E. Celia, S. Amigoni, F. Guittard, Université de nice Sophia Antipolis, FR
-Broadband infrared reflecting thin films inspired by quasi-ordered photonic structures in squid tissue
R. Rotstein, A.M. Sweeney, A. Holt, G.D. Stucky, D.E. Morse, UCSB, US
-Thermo- and Hygro- Tunable Nanoparticle-Based TiO2/SiO2 Bragg Stacks
I. Pavlichenko, A. Exner, M. Guehl, G. Scarpa, P. Lugli, B.V. Lotsch, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, DE
-Cell adhesion behaviors on polyethylene terephthalate surface modified by surface-wave plasma-initiated graft polymerization
A. Nina, T. Ishizaki, N. Saito, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), JP
-Nanoscale tailoring of the surface properties of biomedical devices by layer-by-layer technique
V. Chiono, I. Carmagnola, F. Boccafoschi, P. Gentile, C. Tonda-Turo, M. Del Pilar Camacho Leal, M. Ballarini, G. Ciardelli, Politecnico di Torino, IT
Nanomaterials for Clean and Sustainable TechnologyExpo Hall
-Flowerlike Ceria Microspheres Materials for Bioethanol-H2 Production and VOCs Decontamination
J. Sun, Z.C. Dong, C.Q. Qin, H.Z. Qin, J.G. Li, L.G. Zhang, Y.L. Cheng, L.Q. Chen, Z.X. Wang, H. li, C.N. Xian, Institute of Chmecial Defense, CN
-Deposition of gold-titanium, gold-nickel coating on stainless steel bipolar plates electropolished for PEMFCs
K.M. Kang, Y.H. Yun, J.S. Choi, Dongshin University, KR
-Powder synthesis and aerosol deposition of the BaCe0.9Y0.1O2.95 and SrCe0.9Y0.1O2.95 phases for gas separation membrane
K.M. Kang, Y.H. Yun, Dongshin University, KR
-Characterization of direct ethanol fuel cell (DEFC) fabricated with porous SiC ceramic membrane
K.M. Kang, Y.H. Yun, J.S. Choi, Dongshin University, KR
-Next Generation Nuclear Battery Using D-Clusters in Nano-materials
G.H. Miley, X. Yang, H. Hora, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, US
-Realization of Silicon Nano-structured layers on Glass substrates suitable for light emitting diodes
S. Darbari, M. Shahmohammadi, S. Mohajerzadeh, M.D. Robertson, Thin Film and Nanoelectronics Laboratories, IR
-Exploiting Nanotubes in Fuel Cells
M. Boyang, Imperial College London, UK
-Fabrication chitosan nano fibers membrane via electrospinning
S. Haider, W.A. Al-Masry, Y. Al-Zeghayer, M. Al-Hoshan, F.A. Ahmed Ali, King Saud University, SA
-Sustainable production of 1,2-propanediol: Clean hydrogenolysis of glycerol over highly stable Cu-Ce/SiO2 nanocatalyst
Z. Huang, F. Cui, J. Chen, C. Xia, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
NanoFab: Manufacturing & InstrumentationExpo Hall
-Influence of multiwall carbon nanotubes in mechanical properties of E-glass/epoxy resin/jeffamine-D400 composites
M.J. Khoshgoftar, G.H. Liaghat, Tarbiat Modares University, IR
-Innovative Use of Ultrasound in the Manufacture of Paints and Coatings
K. Hielscher, Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH, DE
-Ultrasonic Production of Nano-Size Dispersions and Emulsions
T. Hielscher, Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH, DE
-Combination analysis of the contamination and the plasma in semiconductor dry etcher for optimizing in-situ cleaning
J.H. Lee, S.H. Jang, J.S. Lee, S.H. Lee, J.Y. Kim, M.J. Kim, Univerisity of Texas at Dallas, US
-Rapid Fabrication of Nanofibrous Membranes inside microchannels using Femtosecond Laser Micromaching
A. Tavangar, B. Tan, K. Venkatakrishnan, Ryerson University, CA
-Study of ZnO/InP by AES and EELS associated to CASINO simulation for use as solar cells
A. Ouerdane, M. Bouslam, M. Ghaffour, A. Abdellaoui, C. Jardin, Centre Universitaire Khemis Miliana, AS
-Mechanical Production of Nanodispersions
S. Mende, J. Baumann, NETZSCH Premier Technologies, US
-Poly(caprolactone)–Pluronic– poly(caprolactone) amphiphilic copolymer nanoparticles for controlled 5-Fluorouracil delivery
M.M. Mohamed, Faculty of Allied Medical Science, Pharos University in Alexandria, EG
Polymer NanotechnologyExpo Hall
-Spontaneous Liquid Flow in Microfluidic Systems by Gradual UV Irradiation of the Hybrid Polymer/TiO2 Nanorods Channels
A. Athanassiou, Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies @ UNILE, IIT, IT
-Surface Modification of Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Micro- and Nano-particles with Stimuli Responsive Polymers
E.S. Vasquez, W.B. Nicholson, K.B. Walters, Mississippi State University, US
-Layer by layer control of wettability in nanocomposite films
F. Villafiorita Monteleone, Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies @ UNILE, IIT, IT
-Physical properties of nanogel prepared by electron beam irradiation induced crosslinking of polyacrylic acid
J.S. Park, J.B. Choi, H.J. Gwon, Y.M. Lim, Y.C. Nho, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, KR
-Analysis of morphology and property Ag nanoparticle in the carboxymethyl cellulose
J.S. Park, J.B. Choi, W.J. Kim, Y.S. Kim, Y.M. Lim, H.J. Gwon, Y.C. Nho, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, KR
-Durability Study of Nanophased Jute-Based Green Composites
M.K. Hossain, M.W. Dewan, M. Hosur, S. Jeelani, Tuskegee University, US
-Role of Hard Segment Induced Nanosized Domain on Dilute Solution Properties of Ether Based Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
K.W. Lem, D.S. Lee, J.R. Haw, G.S. Song, S. Curran, S. Sund, Z. Iqbal, C. Brumlik, Konkuk University, KR
-Simple CVD method for high conductivity PEDOT films
D. Reig-i-Plessis, A. Baskaran, E. Panaitescu, L. Menon, Northeastern University, US
-POSS–Substituted Hyperbranched Polyester Blends with Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
S. Spoljaric, R.A. Shanks, RMIT University, AU
-Development of Polypropylene Nanofiber Production System via Solution Electrospinning, Melt Blown Electrospinning and Novel Handspinning
K. Watanabe, T. Nakamura, B-S. Kim, Y. Enomoto and I-S. Kim, Shinshu University, JP
-RAFT: An smarter way to develop multi-functional polymers
J. Chiefari, CSIRO, AU
-Mechanical Characteriztion of XD-Grade Carbon Nanotube/Epon 862 Processed by Dual Phase Dispersion Technique
M.K. Hossain, C. Okoro, M. Hosur, S. Jeelani, V. Rangari, Tuskegee University, US
-Connection Between the Crystal and Liquid Crystalline Ordering of iPP and Carbon Nanotube Composites under Melt-Shear
G. Georgiev, M.B. McIntyre, R. Judith, E.A. Gombos, P. Cebe, Assumption College, US
-Surface functionalized toner particles by a flexible synthesis route for three dimensional electro photography
G.E.M. Tovar, Fraunhofer Institute IGB / University of Stuttgart, DE
-Nanofluid colled Injection Moulded Products
S.M. Mohamed Nainar, H.A. Mohamed, Md.A.M. Nainar, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, MY
-Density Functional Theory calculations of the ferroelectric poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) and poly(vinylidene fluoride-chlorotrifluoroethylene) copolymers
E. Ortiz, A. Cuán, C.M. Cortés-Romero, Q. Wang, L. Noreña, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Azcapotzalco, MX
-New Generation Hybrid Plastics Functionalised by Nanogold and Nanosilver
M. Pobedinsky, J.H. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, NZ
MEMS & NEMS Fabrication, Devices & ApplicationsExpo Hall
-Fracture-induced polymeric grating structures
C.C. Lin, F. Yang, J.W. Chin, L. Sung, S. Lee, National Tsing Hua Univesity, TW
-Comparaison between PDMS and PMMA for MEMS applications
H. Bourbaba, C. Benachaiba, M. Bouanini, University of Bechar, DZ
-High-aspect-ratio deep Si etching of micro/nano scale features with SF6 /H2/ O2 plasma, in a low plasma density reactive ion etching system
Z. Sanaee, M. Poudineh, M. Mehran, S. Mohajerzadeh, University of Tehran, IR
-Modularity in the Design and Volume Production of Microfluidic Devices
J. Podczerviensky, L. Levine, ALine, Inc., US
-Liquid State Polydimethylsiloxane Wrinkle Fabrication for passive micro fluidic channel mixer
S.H. Lee, Y. Yoon, J. Lee, J. Jeon, J-B Lee, M.J. Kim, University of Texas at Dallas, US
-An Improved Micro Injection Molding Technique for Grating Devices
H.S. Li, W.H. Hsieh, L.K.C. Au, K.C. Liu, National Chung Cheng University, TW
-Fabrication of Nano-structures of NiTi Shape Memory Films and Investigations on Size dependence of their Mechanical Properties
S.K. Sharma, S. Mohan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, IN
-Multi-purpose tool for checking the microfabrication products
G. De Pasquale, A. Somà, Politecnico di Torino, IT
-Fabrication and analysis of MEMS test structures for residual stress measurement
A. Sharma, M. Kaur, D. Bansal, D. Kumar, K. Rangra, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI/ CSIR), IN
-Energy-saving Nanotechnology of water heating for heating of inhabited and industrial premises
G. Dubinin, E. Voloschuk, Scientific and Technical Centre “AVATARA”, UA
-SC Cavities Fast Tuning System Based on Piezoelectric Actuators
K. Przygoda, T. Pozniak, A. Napieralski, P. Sekalski, M. Grecki, Technical University of Lodz, PL
J.J. Khazaai, H. Qu, M. Shillor, L. Smith, Oakland University, US
-A Pressure Sensor Array with Sensing Ranges Tunable by Driving Frequency
Y.-T. Lai, Y.-J. Yang, National Taiwan University, TW
-Control of MEMS-Technology Axial Topology MicroServos
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-u-Helix 3D-antenna technology
P. Nenzi, Sapienza - Università di Roma, IT
Bio Sensors, Diagnostics, Imaging & InstrumentationExpo Hall
-A DNA sensor using gold-coated barcode silica nanotubes
S.Y. Kim, S.J. Jun, J. Min, KyungWon University, KR
-A sensitive MR method for DNA detection with magnetic nanoparticles.
D. Alcantara, Y. Guo, H. Yuan, L. Josephson, MGH-Harvard Medical School, US
-Development of a capillary-driven, microfluidic, nucleic acid biosensor
F. He, S. Jin, M. Dai, S.R. Nugen, University of Massachusetts, US
-Microfluidic Neural Cell Chip for Monitoring of PCBs
S. Park, Y-K Kim, Hankyong National University, KR
-Nano-ELISA using gold nanoparticle-DNA complex for the detection of pathogenic microbe
H.-S. Kim, B.-K. Oh, Sogang Univeristy, KR
-Amperometric glucose biosensor based on a neoteric mechanism in the determination of hydrogen peroxide
H.C. Chen, Y.C. Liu, R.Y. Tsai, M.Y. Hua, Chang Gung University, TW
-Capacitance-based real time monitoring of three kinds of endocytosis
R.M. Lee, P. Kim, K. Kim, K.-M. Kim, D. Kim, C.O. Yun, J.-S. Shin, K.-H. Yoo, Yonsei University, KR
-Probing Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions using Carbon Nanotube Nanodevices for Rapid Bacterial Detection
H. Vedala, Y. Chen, A. Star, University of Pittsburgh, US
-Carbon Nanotube/Green Tea Composite for the Electronic Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide
Y. Chen, Y.D. Lee, H. Vedala, B.L. Allen, A. Star, University of Pittsburgh, US
-Analysis and lateral manipulation of membrane proteins in their native environment – a microfluidic technique
L. Simonsson, A. Gunnarsson, P. Jönsson, F. Höök, Chalmers University of Technology, SE
-Antibody Immobilization on Conductive Polymer Coated Nonwoven Fibers for Biosensors
S.K. McGraw, E.C. Alocilja, K.J. Senecal, G.N. Prata, A.G. Senecal, Michigan State University, US
-Optical sensors for in vivo monitoring of ions and small molecules
J.M. Dubach, J.L.Y. Marron, K.K. Gleason, H.A. Clark, Northeastern University, US
-Fabrication of ITO/Gold nanoparticle/RGD peptide Composites to Enhance Electrochemical Signals from Human Neural Stem Cells
T.-H. Kim, W.A. El-Said, J.-W. Choi, Sogang University, KR
-The T2Dx Diagnostic Detection Technology
C. Rittershaus, M. Audeh, M. Blanco, A. Castonguay, A. Chase, J. Chepin, V. Demas, R. Dhanda, M. Fritzemeier, C. Hanna, J. Kelly, V. Liu, J. McDonough, M. Min, L. Neely, T. O’Neil, S. Papkov, B. Patterson, N.A. Phung, D. Plourde, D. Wang, P. Wellman, T. Lowery, T2 Biosystems, Inc, US
-Novel “Nano-Phage” Interfaces for Wireless Biosensors
E.R. Fernandes, D. Bedi, S. Li, A. Ebner, M. Leitner, P. Hinterdorfer, L.D. Kluskens, J. Azeredo, B. Chin, V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
-Detecting Infectious Organisms: An Concerted Approach using Genomics, Molecular Engineering and Nano-enabled bio-MEMS Technologies
N. Keegan, J. Spoors, K. Flanagan, S. Cockell, E. Gendra, P. Ko Ferrigno, J. Hedley, A. Wipat, C. Harwood, C.J. McNeil, Newcastle University, UK
-Silica coated Magnetic Nanoparticles (SMNPs): Capture and Identification of Escherichia coli Cells using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
S.K. Rastogi, J. Jabal, H. Zhang, K.J. Haler, C.M. Gibson, Y. Qiang, D.E. Aston, P.J. Hurdlicka, A.L. Branen, University of Idaho, US
Cancer NanotechnologyExpo Hall
-Polymersomes and Imaging: An Quantitative Approach
A.S. Joseph, N.J. Brown, G. Battaglia, University of Sheffield, UK
-Biocompatible nanophosphors as biomarkers for cancer detection
G.A. Sotiriou, D. Franco, A. Ferrari, D. Poulikakos, S.E. Pratsinis, Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zurich, CH
-Investigating the role of the FOXA1 protein in cancer with Scanning Probe Microscopy
I. Theodorou, Imperial College London, UK
-Improve the photodynamic detection and therapy of cancers with gold nanorods
J-Y Chen, Fudan university, Shanghai, China, CN
-Enhanced Cell Electro-permeabilisation Combined with Phototherapy to Target-Killing Cancer Cells by Using Multi Functional Carbon Nanotubes
P-C Lee, National Taiwan University, TW
-Ultra-Small Gold-Doxorubicin Rapidly Kill Cancer Cells
X. Zhang, J.L. Nadeau, H. Chibli, McGill University, CA
-Polymer-based delivery vehicle for cisplatin
D.B. Vieira, C.F.M. Menck, A.M. Carmona-Ribeiro, University of São Paulo, BR
-Prostate Cancer-Specific Drug Delivery and Imaging System: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Multi-functional AuNPs
K-L Dao, Northeastern University, US
-The Effect of Anticancer Nanotherapy on Lewis Lung Carcinoma
V.E. Orel, A.D. Shevchenko, N.A. Nikolov, N.N. Dzyatkovskya, A.V. Romanov, A.Yu. Richalskiy, A.P. Burlaka, S.M. Lukin, V.N. Uvarov, I.B. Schepotin, National cancer institute, UA
-Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Cancer Treatment
M.D. Coskun, H.M. Kutlu, G. Guney, Anadolu University, TR
-Anti-Cancer Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates: Endocrine Targeted Treatment Strategies and Laser Photothermal Therapy
E.C. Dreaden, E.B. Dickerson, I.H. El-Sayed, X. Huang, J.F. McDonald, A.K. Oyelere, M.A. El-Sayed, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
Nano Medical SciencesExpo Hall
-Nanostructural Effects of Mitomycin C Applications on Scleral Collagen Fibrils: Atomic Force Microscopy Observation
S. Choi, Y. Cheong, E. Kwon, G.B. Jung, H.-J. Lee, J.-H. Shin, K.-H. Jin, H.-K. Park, Kyung Hee University, KR
-Nanostructural Changes in Surface of Stainless Steel Archwires Combined with Orthodontic Conventional and Self-Ligating Brackets
S. Choi, H. Joo, Y. Cheong, S. Lee, S. Kim, Y.-G. Park, H.-K. Park, Kyung Hee University, KR
-The effectiveness of a new nano-TiO2 biocide in inactivating methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Candida albicans biofilms
C.E. Vergani, A.L. Machado, C.A. Zamperini, F.C. Picon, E. Longo, Univ Estadual Paulista - UNESP, BR
-The Intracellular Co- localizations of Different Size of Gold Nanoparticles
C. Boyoglu, S. Boyoglu-Barnum, S. Soni, Q. He, G. Willing, M.E. Miller, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
-Investigation of Zona Pellucida Hardening with Atomic Force Microscopy and Nonlinear Optimization
M.C. Frassanito, M. Papi, M. De Spirito, L. Lamberti, A. Boccaccio, G. Arcovito, C. Pappalettere, Politecnico di Bari, IT
-Novel alternative, multistranded, plasmid, and helical transitional DNA and RNA microarrays: the next generation of nucleic acid microarrays
C.E. Gagna, W.C. Lambert, New York Institute of Technology, US
-Genomic Mappings and Frequency Domain Analysis
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
Solar Power Technologies & MaterialsExpo Hall
-Nanostructured Transparent Polymer Materials for Encapsulation of Photovltaic Modules
E. Shembel, T. Todosiychuk, L. Kosyanchuk, V. Redko, T. Pasutshkin, M. Dusheyko, Enerize Corporation, US
-X-ray Diffraction Techniques for Characterization of Thin Film Solar Cells
I. Cernatescu, PANalytical, US
-CIGS PV Power Enhancement from Photonic Crystal Fiber Concentrators
S. Shepard, G. Carver, Louisiana Tech University, US
Energy Storage, Grid & Transportation TechnologiesExpo Hall
-Influence of Nanoparticles on the dielectric properties of polycarbonate
N. Bestaoui-Spurr, J. Cross, T. Singh, Lynntech, US
-In situ Probing of Electromechanical Properties of an Individual ZnO Nanobelt
A. Asthana, K. Momeni, R.S. Yassar A. Prasad, Y.K. Yap, Michigan Technological University, US
-In-Situ Observation of Lithiation and Delithiation in Nanostructured Materials
R.S. Yassar, H.M.S. Ghassemi, Q. Gao, M. Au, P. Heiden, Michigan Technological University, US
-Microstructures and Electrochemical Properties of Rapidly-solidified Si-Mn-Cr alloys
H.W. Han, D.K. Ahn, H-J Ahn, W-W Park, K.Y. Sohn, Inje University, KR
-Microstructures and electrochemical properties of Si-Ni based alloys
J-J Song, Inje University, KR
-Acoustic deposition of silica nano particles on polypropylene separators for lithium-ion batteries
B. Luan, D. Fu, S. Argue, M.N. Bureau, I.J. Davidson, National Research Council Canada, CA
-Nano Structured Lithium Manganese Spinel with New Properties for Li-ion Battery
E. Shembel, V. Redko, V. Maslov, V. Pisny, I. Maksyuta. T. Pastuchkin, L. Neduzhko, A. Markevich, N. Zaderey, A. Tron, Enerize Corporation, US
-In-Situ Atomic Scale Visualization of Battery Charging and Discharging
J.Y. Huang, Sandia National Labs, US
-High Performance Supercapacitors Based on Nano-Engineered Electrodes
K. Jiang, T.D. Curl, Q.K. Wang, L. Zhang, H. Fong, Agiltron Inc, US
-(Au, Ag, Ti)-SiO2 Core-Shell Nanoparticles Based Polymer Nanodielectrics for Energy Storage Applications
N. Badi, R. Singh, A. Bensaoula, S. Rittikulsittichai, T. Thanasarakhan, T. Randall Lee, University of Houston, US
-Optimization study of Supercapacitor electrode material composition and thickness for enhanced performance of the Supercapacitor
A.P. Ranade, D.Y. Jung, B.G. Sammakia, T. Eilertsen, T. Davis, Binghamton University, US
-Carbon-supported platinum and nickel nanoparticles for CO capture in hydrogen fuel cells
D. J. D. Durbin, D. Plana, D. J. Fermin, C. Malardier-Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA
-Design and Fabrication of Hydroelectric Fuel Cell System for Household Power Application
K.C. Nguyen, L.T. Chung, THLLC Joint Stock Company, VN
Bio Energy TechnologiesExpo Hall
-Catalytic Aqueous Phase Reforming of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Production
R. Tungal, R.V. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
-Catalytic Aqueous Phase Reforming of Waste Biomass for Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Production
R. Tungal, R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
-A Characteristic Analysis of Bio-ethanol produced on Fruit wastes for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell(DEFC)
H. Kim, N. Lee, I. Cha, J. Choi, Center for Organic Agrifood industrialization, KR
-Biomass Power Generation Using Liquid Tin Anode SOFC
J. Bentley, T. Tao, CellTech Power LLC, US
-Biomass Combined Heat and Power– a Comparison of Options for Small-scale Systems
R. Pellizzari, R. Wilson, etaPartners LLC, US
-Advanced Biofuel Cell Composed of Highly Modified Electrodes for Biomedical Applications
S.W. Leung, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University, US
-An Effective Way of Anaerobic Digestion of Chicken Manure with Plant Biomass
Y. Zhi, C. Zhou, Nanjing University of Technology, CN
-Nanostructured Materials Applied in Biodiesel Processes
M.C.G. Albuquerque, D.C.S. Azevedo, C.L. Cavalcante_Jr., Universidade Federal do Ceara, BR
-Microwave Assisted Transesterification of Waste Frying Oil and Concentrate Methyl Ester Content of Biodiesel by Molecular Distillation
N. Azcan, O. Yilmaz, Anadolu University, TR
-Catalytic Esterification and Transesterification Reaction of High Acidic Value Waste Oil by Microwave Heating System
N. Azcan, O. Yilmaz, Anadolu University, TR
-Microwave-induced acceleration and energy-efficiency of esterification of free fatty acid with a heterogeneous catalyst
D. Kim, J. Choi, G.-J. Kim, S.K. Seol, S. Jung, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, KR
-Improvement of Biogas Production from Animal Manure via Bacteria Enrichment using CASCADE Technology
Y. Zhi, C. Zhou, Cascade Clean Energy, Inc., US
-Biogas Production from Co-Digestion of Horse Manure and Waste Sewage Sluge
E. Agayev, A. Ugurlu, Hacettepe University, TR
-Replacing Crude Oil by Renewable Sugar through a Cell-free Synthetic Biology Technology
Y.-H.P. Zhang and J.A. Rollin, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US
Waste, Emissions & RemediationExpo Hall
-Oil Production from Waste Plastics & News Paper using Catalytic Dissociation on Noble Metal supported on Zeolite
D.-J. Lim, M.C. Kim, Cheongju University, KR
-Sorption of Carbon Dioxide at High Temperatures by Slag
T.K. Tseng, K.L. Chun, H. Chu, National Cheng Kung University, TW
-CO2 Emission-Conclusion and Results
W. Faull, Environment Technology 2020 Corp, US
-PM10-Bound Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the aerosols of Xiamen-Kinmen area, China
X.H. Wang, J.M. Yan, S.P. Wu, C.S. Yuan, H.S. Hong, Xiamen University, CN
-Vapor Suppression Testing of CIAgent© Polymers
J.J. Solomon, T.R. Hanley, Auburn University, US
-Solidification of Hydrocarbon liquids using CIAgent©, a polymeric solidifier
J.J. Solomon, T.R. Hanley, Auburn University, US
-Green Remediation using Renewable Energy and Automation
M. Ambler, Weston Solutions, Inc., US
-A new model for toxicity of uranium dust
M. Zucchetti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
-Heterogeneous Catalyzed Oxidative Degradation of Indigo: An Theoretical and Experimental Study
C. Luga, H. Solís-Correa, E. Ortiz, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, MX
-Interaction between Volatile Organic Compounds and Functional Monomers in Molecularly Imprinted Materials
C. Luga, E. Ortíz, L. Noreña, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, MX

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