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Rapid, Flexible Prototyping of Cellular Scaffolds

R.T.S. Lam, J.M. Collins, S. Nettikadan
NanoInk, Inc., US

Keywords: tip based lithography, cellular microenvironment, biochemical and topographical cues


Cellular microenvironment and the resulting extracellular signals greatly influence cell behavior and function. The ability to control the cellular microenvironment enables the investigation of biochemical and topological cues on various cell behaviors, such as cell adhesion, differentiation and molecular signaling pathways1, 2. The cellular microenvironment consists of a combination of chemical, biological and topological cues. Herein, we demonstrate a methodology for the placement of nano- to micro-sized topographical and biochemical features with nanoscale precision by tip based lithography. The nanolithography platform (NLP 2000) developed at NanoInk, enables the users to rapidly design and fabricate patterns of sub-cellular features using a variety of different materials including DNA, proteins and various polymers. This ability can be utilized to rapidly prototype a variety of different biochemical and topographical structures to be used as cellular scaffolds. It is likely that a truly novel biomaterial scaffold mimicking the in vivo conditions will consist of both topographical and biochemical cues. Promisingly, our methodology can integrate these cues and enable tailor-made biomimetic microenvironments from sub-cellular scales to multi-cell levels.
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