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Zentallium®, ZoLiBat® & H2Tank2Go®-modules and ZE-powerplant -nanostructures for zero-emission future transportation and energy

D. Zoz
Zoz Group, DE

Keywords: nanostructures, zero-emissions, energy


Zoz in Germany in recent years generated numerous expertise in light-weight materials strengthened by grain refinement and other function e. g. by utilizing carbon nanotubes (CNT). In cooperation with Bayer MaterialScience and TFB, Zentallium® has been developed which represents Al-base materials reinforced by CNT (Baytubes®) which does achieve mechanical properties similar to common steel. Zentallium® has been granted by the Materialica-Award 2010. Next to this Zoz is focusing on H2-storage solid state materials-systems and has been involved in a number of corresponding research projects. In result Zoz is moving from equipment supply for achieving in this case a large surface of grain boundary (by nanostructure) to manufacturing H2-storage tank systems (H2Tank2Go®) that have recently been introduced at WHEC 2010. Additionally in the last few years, Zoz is supplying equipment and also electrode materials manufacturing into Li-Ion Battery field of late generation and insofar built up excellent relations to excellent manufacturers. Understanding that a major barrier for introducing innovation is always the market acceptance, a natural goal would be to generate such market in a way that one can impact the consumer behaviour by themselves. This has been the major driving force for Zoz to found a new business unit called Zoz Mobility. Motivation and goals are on short term to create a new market sector & network by supplying reasonable electro-mobility and shortly to replace conventional materials by light-weight Zentallium®-parts. In midterm high performance next generation phosphate based Li-Ion Batteries (ZoLiBat®) shall be installed and on long term PEMFC & H2Tank2Go®-modules shall be introduced into the market. The first H2-driven vehicle (H2-Isigo®) will be launched in early April 2011. The present paper gives a review and the state of the art on the above explaining upfront other important Zoz-projects in brief such as High Performance Cement, Wood-Polymer-Composites and Ceramics reinforced by CNTs. As for the CNT-reinforced Aluminium (Zentallium®), the recently introduced hot extrusion press at Zoz and latest semi-finished products including mechanical properties will be shown and explained. In the battery-sector small-scale vehicles up to 4-wheelers will be compared with the result that we cannot expect battery driven automobiles at a range larger than 100 km in the near and mid-term future. At Zoz Hydrogen Technology, latest tanks and testing-devices an upcoming vehicles including a forth going future project Decentral Zero Emission Power Plant (ZEPP) will be demonstrated. Since in Germany in these days we just had another Dioxin-fiasco, a 10 years old patent of Zoz for the complete and lasting decontamination of Dioxin, TCDD, nitrofene and other severe hazards will be explained at the very end.
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