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Carbon Nanotubes Change the Phase Diagram and Crystal Structure of 5CB Liquid Crystal

G.Y. Georgiev, M.B. McIntyre, E.A. Gombos, P. Cebe
Assumption College, US

Keywords: 5CB, carbon nanotubes, liquid crystal, nanocomposite, crystal structure


There are many promising uses for MWCNTs because of their extraordinary electronic and mechanical properties. In recent years there has been great interest in studies of the interaction between the two for many applications. One of the ways to manipulate MWCNT is the use of LCs as molecular motors. It is important to study the effect of MWCNTs on the properties of the LCs and how LCs and CNTs interact is an active area of research. To our knowledge there is very little previous systematic study of the effects of the MWCNTs on the Nematic to Crystal (N-C) transition in 5CB. This paper reports results from studies on the effect on N-C phase transition temperatures of 5CB by DSC and its crystal structure through Polarized Microscopy. There is an increase in N-C transition temperature with the increase of the concentration of MWCNTs in the sample. Similar effect is observed in the nematic to isotropic transition of 5CB. We also observed a change in crystal ordering in 5CB samples based on MWCNT concentration.
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