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Multi-purpose tool for checking the microfabrication products

G. De Pasquale, A. Somà
Politecnico di Torino, IT

Keywords: MEMS, electrodeposition, suspended structures, electro-mechanical properties, on-line testing


This paper introduces a multi-purpose tool addressed to the microfabrication processes monitoring and material property measurement at the wafer level during both process development and manufacturing. The on-line testing tool presented in this paper is the result of long-term studies about the interactions between the physical parameters involved in microfabrication processes and the properties of the material and of the structure of final products. The previous studies demonstrate that it is possible to calculate by equations or by simulations (e.g. with FEM) the constraints that are responsible of a specific observed behavior of a structure or sample; usually the constraint typologies are structural, thermal, electric, tensional. Up to now, the entity of the constraint has been predicted and estimated quantitatively by a previous testing of the behavior of dedicated samples and then applying a suitable model. Unfortunately this approach is only able to evaluate one constraint per time. Also, a lot of dedicated samples must be developed to accentuate the desired effects and make it measurable. The tool described here is innovative in this sense; it is able to calculate the amount of the most important constraints acting on the products of microfabrication by measuring few simple parameters. Also, the same sample structure is used for the on-line testing.
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