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2010 Short Courses

Monday June 21, 2010, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Anaheim, California

Short Courses educate participants in a range of technologies and impacted industries through a One-Day Intensive Program. All courses are presented by leading experts in their respective fields. Participation includes Course Notes and a Networking Lunch with the instructors.

Clean Technology Short Courses

901: renewable energy Renewable Energy - Overview & Opportunities
Daniel L. Laird
Staff Researcher
Sandia National Laboratories
902: nuclear energy Energy Storage & Conversion - Technologies & Applications: Batteries, fuel cells, capacitors, hydrogen and storage
Monika Willert-Porada, Professor in Materials Processing
Universität Bayreuth, Germany
Giovanni Damato,StrateGen Consulting, LLC
903: technology marketing Water Technologies: An eye on the 21st Century Technologies & Markets
William Cooper, University of California at Irvine
Yoram Cohen, University of California, Los Angeles
F. Henry Habicht II, Managing Partner, Sail Venture Partners
Eric Hoek, University of California, Los Angeles
Mehul Patel, Orange County Water District
908: green building Green Building- Technologies & Opportunities
George Elvin
Green Technology Forum

Nanotechnology Short Courses

502: carbon nanotube - CNT Carbon Nanotubes and Inorganic Nanowires: Technology and Applications
Meyya Meyyappan
NASA Ames Research Center
Wolfgang S. Bacsa
University of Toulouse, France
503: nano particulates Functional Nanoparticles & Films - Technology & Applications
Sotiris E. Pratsinis
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich
504: nano particulates Microfluidics for Biotechnology
Joel S. Rossier
DiagnoSwiss S.A., Switzerland
505: polymer nanotechnology Polymer Nanoparticles - Synthesis & Applications
Donald C. Sundberg and Yvon Durant
University of New Hampshire
506: medical nanotechnology Nanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment
Srinivas Iyer, Bioscience Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mansoor Amiji, School of Pharmacy, Northeastern University, Boston
507: nanotechnology bio materials tissues Bio Nano Materials & Tissues - Technology & Applications
Thomas J. Webster
Brown University
512: technology marketing Soft Nanotechnology: Industrial Applications
Fiona Case
NSTI Soft Nanotechnology Coordinator, Case Scientific
513: nanoscale characterization Nanoscale Characterization Techniques and Applications
Greg Haugstad
Director, Characterization Facility, University of Minesota
Pierre Panine
Senior Scientist, Xenocs SA, France
514: nanocomposites Nanocomposites - Processing & Applications
Thomas Twardowski
Twardowski Scientifc

TechConnect Summit Courses

701: technology commercialization Technology Commercialization
Michael Pratt, Director of Corporate Business Development
Sean Lee, Licensing Associate, Physical Sciences
Office of Technology Transfer, Boston University

Who Should Attend

These introductory - to intermediate - level courses are suitable for: Managers, Practicing Engineers, Industrial Scientists, on a decision-making level, Executives seeking strategic planning insight, Policy Makers with some technical background, and Academic Researchers developing a strong technology programs.


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