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Joe McClyde

Cooper Carry

Joe McClyde began his career at Cooper Carry in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, bringing a background in classical architecture and urban planning. His philosophical training in design focuses on using historic and present-day precedence to create solutions for current design applications. His understanding and knowledge of elements such as scale, proportion, function and character complement the primary goal of Cooper Carry’s Center for Connective Architecture. The Center, envisioned to create and maintain a harmonious balance in the relationship between architecture and the environment, ultimately enhances how people perceive and move between them.

In 2006, Joe moved to Southern California assisting in the start up of the Newport Beach office, working specifically on Heritage Fields Transit Oriented Development in Irvine, California and acting as project manager on planning and architectural projects. His experience, both in public and private developments, includes transit oriented developments, mixed use developments, downtown and new town plans, waterfront developments, and major retail/entertainment led mixed use districts.

Selected California project information:
Heritage Fields Lifelong-Learning District, Campus, Irvine, CA
Heritage Fields Transit Oriented Development Master Plan, Irvine, CA
Hope International University, Fullerton, CA
Lake Elsinore Downtown Master Plan, Lake Elsinore, CA
PacifiCenter TOD, Anaheim Canyon, Anaheim, CA
San Bernardino Intermodal Transit Station and Village, San Bernardino, CA

The Center for Connective Architecture® @ Cooper Carry:

The Center for Connective Architecture® @ Cooper Carry is a new type of design studio created by “thinkers” from a variety of life experiences design backgrounds and cultures. This hand-selected group is committed to the intellectual pursuit of excellence in place-making. The studio is a purposeful mix of architects, landscape architects, planners, environmental designers, graphic designers, sociologists, anthropologists, and economists who engage numerous other fields beyond the walls of the firm.

This “think tank” encourages collaboration among different disciplines. These disciplines are melded with the cutting edge thinking of urbanism, sociology and economics for an approach that is dedicated to re-infusing life into America’s cities, counties and communities.

The Center for Connective Architecture® fosters interaction with nontraditional influences such as community, culture, art, history and philosophy. The result of this collaboration is a sense of place that enhances property values, challenges the status quo, functions in concert with context and enriches the human soul. Moving beyond the traditional concerns of functions and aesthetics, Connective Architecture is a refined discipline that actually connects people to structure, people to landscape, people to environment and people to people. Connective Architecture offers a re-engagement of the social needs inspired by the human spirit.

Ultimately, our development awareness enhances the design process and produces plans that are real and will provide a road map for implementation success.

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