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Corey Barrows

Corey Barrows

ASIC North, Inc.

Corey Barrows earned his MSEE (1997) and BSEE (1991) degrees from the University of Vermont, and later graduated with his MBA from the same institution. He worked for eleven years at IBM ASIC’s division in Burlington, Vermont, first as a circuit designer specializing in Analog-Mixed Signal IP, including CODEC, SAR ADC, DAC’s, and other IPs. Corey was promoted to program manager for SERDES development. He then transitioned into the ASIC Technical Operations Team to improve the design system and business model, and was a leading member of the ASIC Program Development and ASIC Strategy & Execution Teams.

In June 2006, Corey joined ASIC North, Inc. in South Burlington, Vermont as the Engineering Manager, and a member of the executive management team. He manages multiple engineering teams who provide analog-mixed signal design services, analog IP development, and turn-key analog-mixed signal ASIC chip solutions. ASIC North is a two-year recipient of the Vermont Business 5x5x5 growth awards

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