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Tony Flaim

Tony Flaim

Chief Technical Officer

Brewer Science

Tony D. Flaim received the B.A. in Pre-Medicine from University of Missouri-Columbia in 1974. After operating a private business for several years, he began graduate studies at the University of Missouri-Rolla and received the Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1983. Upon graduation, he joined Dow Chemical as a Senior Research Chemist working in the Agricultural Chemicals Division. He subsequently joined Brewer Science as a Senior Chemist in 1985 and has since played a prominent role in the development of the company’s innovative product portfolio that now includes ARC® bottom anti-reflective coatings, ProLIFT™ polyimide lift-off layers, ProTEK® etch protection coatings for MEMS fabrication, OptiNDEX™ high refractive index polymer coatings, and, most recently, WaferBOND® and ZoneBOND™ temporary wafer bonding materials and processes, which are enabling technologies for 3-D integration and through-silicon-via processing. He has served on the senior management team since 2004 and was named Chief Technical Officer of Brewer Science in early 2008. Dr. Flaim holds more than twenty patents on innovative microelectronic and optoelectronic materials and has authored more than twenty related publications.
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