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Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clarke


Applied Intellectual Capital

Dr. Clarke is the CEO of Applied Intellectial Capital, which he co-founded in 1999 to fund, develop and commercialize advanced batteries and related electrochemical technologies. Steve built and leveraged AIC’s own research facilities with 3rd party consulting, to build a portfolio of technologies and IP, focussed on advanced electrochemistry and supporting materials. Between 2001 and 2005 AIC span off a number of clean tech businesses and Steve raised a total of ~$30MM to support these. In 2007 he took AIC public on the LSE's AIM raising a $40 million “micro-fund”. He drove a 300% increase in share price and a partial sell-down by AIC’s founders and other shareholders. Following the collapse of the financial markets, he took AIC private again in Jan 2009. AIC is active and current in a broad range of novel advance battery and supercapacitor technologies including, lithium materials, zinc, vanadium and other flow batteries, bipolar lead acid, and metal-air batteries. AIC is currently working with a number of leading automotive companies and suppliers on HEV and UEV projects. He started his career in aerospace, with Rolls Royce in the UK, where he was part of the tem which re-structured and returned Rolls Royce to the public sector in 1985. Steve then moved into international consulting where he contributed to the privatization of the UK’s electricity utility with an evaluation of the stability of trading rules and algorithms. When his not working, Steve enjoys music, sailing, windsurfing, and motor sports.
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