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Hughes Metras

Hughes Metras

Deputy Director, Marketing & Sales

CEA-LETI, France

Hughes Metras works with CEA-LETI where he is VP Marketing & Sales.

Previously, he was program manager in the field of smart devices and smart cards.

He benefits from a technical background in Physics engineering and holds an MBA from the University of Miami (Fl). After 4 years spent in Leti’s marketing office where he contributed to strategic analysis of new market opportunities in the field of microsensors, smart tags and smart devices and 4 years spent as manager of the same team, Hughes joined the program staff of CEA-LETI in 2003 where he has been setting up new initiatives in the field of smart cards, RFID and wireless sensor networks.

He has been involved in the preparation of the EC projects Mimosa and Minami, the Medea+ project SWANS, as well as the French Finnish Adamos project focusing on context aware services design with user centric approach. He also set up many cooperation agreements with industrial partners in his field. In this field of activity, he is a scientific advisor of the Swedish initiative Wisenet coordinated by University of Uppsala.

He is today very active in the EPOSS platform initiative where he coordinates the working group on key technologies and is involved in major french initiatives for the emergence of new programs in microelectronics addressing new societal challenges such as power conversion for industrial, automotive and PV application, solid state lighting as well as sensor technologies for healthcare and environmental issues.

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