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S. Gail Goldberg

S. Gail Goldberg

Planning Director

City of Los Angeles

S. Gail Goldberg was appointed Director of Los Angeles City Planning Department in February 2006. As director, Ms. Goldberg is responsible for organizing and directing the policies and planning activities of the City’s Planning Department. Those activities include the development, maintenance and implementation of all elements of the City’s General Plan as well as a range of other special zoning plans. Additional responsibilities include plan implementation measures, subdivisions and other controls. The L.A. Department of City Planning is currently embarked on its most aggressive long-range planning agenda: updating twelve of the City’s 35 community plans and two new elements of the general plan; ten transit-oriented district plans and several specific and master plans. The Department is also leading a city-wide effort to reform and streamline its development process. To create a more effective and efficient department, City Planning has begun an ambitious reorganization of its more than 300 person staff to create planning teams that will provide a full range of planning services to each of the City’s seven geographic planning areas. Prior to joining the Los Angeles Planning Department, Ms Goldberg worked for 17 years in the Planning Department of the City of San Diego, the last 5 years serving as Planning Director. Her responsibilities included all long range city-wide and community planning. Other responsibilities included Facilities Financing, Transportation Planning, the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP), and special projects. She oversaw a planning process to update the city’s 20-year-old General Plan. The initial result was the adoption of a strategic framework plan that articulated a 20-year vision for the City and a long-term strategy for achieving that vision known as the “City of Villages” plan. Ms. Goldberg is a native Californian and holds a degree in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of California San Diego. She has served as an Urban Land Institute Trustee, Chair of the San Diego/Tijuana ULI District Council and on the Statewide Coordinating Committee for the Urban Land Institute’s California Smart Growth Initiative. She is a past President of the San Diego Chapter of the Lambda Alpha Honorary Land Economics Society. Ms. Goldberg has been a board member of the American Planning Association; and co-chaired the California State American Planning Association 2002 Conference. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and of the California Planners Roundtable.
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