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The Emerging North American Carbon Markets and Offset Project Development

Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun

Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun

Director, Climate Change and Carbon Markets Division

Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun has more than eight years of experience on climate change issues. As Director of the Climate Change and Carbon Markets Division at ÉcoRessources, he concentrates on developing the firm’s carbon market business and the climate change consulting activities. Over the years, he has worked with project developers providing offset project feasibility assessments, project documentation and advice on carbon market opportunities. Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun also offers support to corporate clients in the negotiation of carbon credit transactions and the assessing regulatory risks. Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun has given numerous talks on the Canadian emissions trading scheme, Canadian offset project development and on the CDM process. Other areas of work include capacity building for climate change negotiators and analyses of climate change adaptation strategies.

Prior to joining ÉcoRessources, Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun worked as a consultant on climate change policy and climate-related investments at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In this capacity, he analyzed climate and energy policies implemented by OECD countries and reviewed documentation of proposed CDM projects to analyze the composition of the CDM portfolio. He previously worked as a Climate Change Policy Analyst at the Quebec Ministry of Environment where he analyzed the implications of the Canadian Emissions Trading Scheme for Quebec industries.

Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun holds a BSc in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from McGill University and an MSc in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics (LSE). He is also an Associate to the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). He speaks French, English and Spanish fluently.

Teaching the course on The Emerging North American Carbon Markets and Offset Project Development.

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