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Block copolymer lithography for precise definition and placement of sub-10 nm feature size circuitry

Michael Morris

Michael Morris


University College Cork, Irelan

Prof. Morris is professor of Inorganic Chemistry at University College Cork in irleand. Prof. Morris's current research interests are associated with the synthesis of nanomaterials and nanostructured materials and their subsequent characterisation. The research group currently consist of 4 post-doctoral fellows and 8 PhD research students and 2 senior Intel Researchers in Residence. The materials are prepared as thin films and as size controlled nanocomponents (in particular nanowire systems) so that structure and properties can be controlled. We have considerable efforts in developing nanowires and related particles for use in future electronic circuitry. This work is carried out in University College Cork and the Tyndall National Institute and in collaboration with colleagues in the Centre for Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices in Trinity College Dublin. MAM is a founding member of CRANN which has combined SFI and private funding of 30 million Euro. The work in CRANN relates to the use of nanowires as advanced transistor circuitry and how this might be integrated into existing wafer technology using polymer mediated self assembly. Much of the work in Cork centres on the use of engineered nanoporous thin films as templates for electronic circuitry and hosts for electro-optic materials. MAM has also been central to the development of these systems as low-k dielectrics in collaboration with Intel. Intel currently supports the work through the CRANN CSET and other funding including studentships on:-
a) development of high temperature superconducting interconnects
b) development of novel carbon interconnects
c) embedded electronically active nanoparticles
d) low temperature synthesis of carbon nanotubes

MAM and his colleagues have established a research programme for the use of mesoporous oxides as separation media, absorbents and catalysts particularly in the environmental area. In particular, for supplying engineered sub 2um porous spheres to the chromatography area (through a UCC spin-out company, Glantreo).

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