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Computational Materials Design – Are we there yet?

Sadasivan (Sadas)  Shankar

Sadasivan (Sadas) Shankar

Senior Principal Engineer/Program Leader, Materials Design, Design and Technology Solutions Technology and Manufacturing Group

Dr. Sadasivan Shankar is currently the Senior Principal Engineer and Program Leader for Materials Design, in the Design and Technology Group within the Intel Technology and Manufacturing Organization. In this thrust, his team works with experimentalists to enable computer-aided design of materials for addressing specific nanotechnology requirements. Over his tenure at Intel, Dr. Shankar has worked on multiple aspects of technology development in Intel covering all scales from atoms to reactors: advanced process control, chemical synthesis and process optimization, thermomechanical analysis of die and package, thermal analysis of 3D architectures, and fundamental understanding of materials properties of semiconductors, metals, dielectrics, polymers and their interfaces. Currently, Dr. Shankar is also actively involved in several new industrial and research initiatives with NIST, Semiconductor Research Corporation, DOE, and several universities on Computational Materials and Metrology, Nano-engineered materials, and system level understanding of emerging information processing architectures. He is the co-author of 5 patents, 2 book chapters; over 70 external publications and presentations. Dr. Shankar earned his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

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