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How Dispersed Nanoparticles Work to Increase Resistance to Scratch, Mar, Wear and UV protection in Today’s Coatings

Robert H. McMullin

Robert H. McMullin

Manager of Nanotechnologies.

BYK-Chemie USA Inc.

Robert H. McMullin has been with BYK-Chemie USA Inc. for 32 years and is Manager of Nanotechnologies. Prior to this position he was the Business Manager for Paint Additives and Product Manager for the Instrument Division.

Mr. McMullin’s background includes ten years formulation experience in protective and transportation coatings, also marketing of protective coatings for U.S. Steel Corporation. He is the author of Short Term Evaluation Techniques for Determining Sedimentation (1978), Scratch Resistance in Polyurethane Coatings (2005), Small is beautiful (2008), and Nanosized, Functionally Dispersed Additives (2009)

Other activities include participation in the American Chemical Society, the Steel Structures Painting Council, and the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology. Mr. McMullin was granted a B.S. in Chemistry and Masters in Electronics from Northern Illinois University.

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