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Donald Karner

Donald Karner


ETEC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECOtality)

Donald Karner, CEO of ETEC, has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering. Mr. Karner has over 25 years experience in the advanced transportation and energy areas including fifteen years of electric utility industry management experience. Mr. Karner held the position of Chief Nuclear Officer for Arizona Public Service Company during the construction and commissioning of the 3800 MWe Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. During this period Mr. Karner directed a staff of 3,000 and interfaced with and provided testimony for the multiple plant owners, the NRC, various State regulatory commissions and the financial community regarding plant matters. As President of ETEC, Mr. Karner provides Strategic direction, conducts Research and directs the development of products and services in the areas of energy, environment, and advanced transportation. Mr. Karner has authored numerous papers on these topics and ETEC offers a number of products associated with these technology areas including battery fast chargers, specialized battery products, hydrogen fueling infrastructure and internal combustion engine vehicle hydrogen fuel conversions.
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