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Daido Uchida

Daido Uchida

R&D Center Manager
Omron Management Center of America

Daido Uchida is a R&D Center Manager of Omron Management Center of America, a North American headquarter of Omron Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.

R&D Center based in Silicon Valley seeks advanced technologies and collaborative partnership in the field of sensing and control, Omron’s core technology, in North America as well as globally. Uchida’s main focus includes but not limited to green technology and future factory automation with minimum energy consumption.

Uchida has more than 10 years of experience in micro optics. He developed a microfabrication processing for microlens with diameters as small as 10 micrometres, which is fundamental for modern high-quality liquid-crystal projector and backlight. As a member of Standardization Committee of Japan Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association, he works on establishing domestic (JIS) and international (ISO) standards for microlens. In the past 5 year, he had engaged in R&D strategy and planning for Omron core technology. He holds a M.S. in semiconductor electronics from Kansai University.

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