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On-Line Nanoparticle Characterization (for Process Control and Worker Exposure Assessment)

Richard C.  Flagan

Richard C. Flagan

Executive Officer of Chemical Engineering, Irma and Ross McCollum-William H. Corcoran Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Environmental Science & Engineering

Richard C. Flagan, Professor of Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1969, and his Ph.D., also in Mechanical Engineering, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1973. Professor Flagan joined the Caltech faculty in 1975, and developed an internationally recognized research program in environmental and non-environmental aerosols.

The author of over 140 journal articles and one book, Professor Flagan holds five patents for developments in aerosol instrumentation and aerosol processing of advanced materials. His work has been honored by the Smoluchowski Award of the Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung, the David Sinclair Award of the American Association of Aerosol Research, and the Thomas Baron Award in Fluid-Particle Systems of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He is Past-President of the American Association for Aerosol Research.

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