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Low Cost Green Technology for Treating Water and Wastewater including Membrane Concentrate and Ion Exchange Brine.

J. Min
Enova Water, US

Keywords: water treatment, wastewater treatment, green technology, membrane concentrate reduction, clean technology, industrial waste treatment, heavy metal removal, arsenic, chromium, selenium


There are thousands of municipalities and industries that require treatment of arsenic, chromium, selenium, silica, copper, etc. to comply with federal and state regulations or to improve the treatment plant performance. The treatment requirement for arsenic alone for the municipalities in the US is estimated to be in the order of several hundred million dollars annually. This technology to be presented was initially developed at Caltech and uses green / sustainable materials for cost effectively treating water and wastewater, such as reverse osmosis membrane concentrate waste. Contaminants such as arsenic, chromium, selenium, silica, copper etc. can be selectively removed using hydrogel media, which is similar to commercial ion exchange resin in shape and characteristics. The proposed technology is not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. It uses raw material derived from seaweed and other chemicals with minimum steps required for manufacturing the product. Once the useful capacity of hydrogel is exhausted (i.e., no more removal capacity for contaminants from water), the waste media can be air dried to reduce the waste volume by 20 fold for the final disposal.
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