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Ener-G-Rotors, Inc

M. Newell
Ener-G-Rotors, Inc., US

Keywords: Heat recovery


Ener-G-Rotors, Inc is commercializing devices that represent a breakthrough in the economic generation of electricity from low temperature heat. Low temperature heat sources can be found in industrial processes, commercial buildings, solar thermal collectors, geothermal sources, biomass boilers, and combustion engines. We have an exclusive license for a patented technology, called a Trochoidal Gear Engine (TGE™), which is more efficient, cost effective, and durable than existing technologies. We have working 5kW systems that demonstrate the efficiencies we can achieve, and will soon finish development of our GEN4, a 40-60kW system targeted at the industrial waste heat market. The worldwide market to economically turn this low temperature heat into electricity and achieve greater energy efficiency is estimated at more than $50 billion.
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