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Printable sheets for large scale energy storage-PowerWrapper(tm)

R. Miller
Paper Battery Company, US

Keywords: supercapacitor, flexible, scalable, sheet, fault-tolerant, nanocomposite, packaging, printed, paper battery


The company is commercializing a novel nanocomposite material made into conformable, scalable and rechargeable energy storage sheets. This material can now be structurally integrated into everyday objects to improve energy efficiency and reliability in select applications ranging from portable electronics to grid level. Leveraging established technologies in supercapacitors and roll-to-roll volume production processes, the company will produce a fault-tolerant storage device with high cycle rate and high voltage in a thin form factor. Value proposition for first generation product is to replace unreliable batteries with fast recharge devices, giving significant productivity enhancements to users of specific portable medical electronics and power tools. Enabling massive integration of renewable energy requires large energy storage and the second generation product (PowerWrapperâ„¢) will address the large format and high volume architectural materials market. Energy storage sheets will be built in as an active roofing or ceiling substratum or paneling, to provide power quality, reliability, surge power in a home for quick charge of electric vehicles or connecting multiple buildings on the smart grid to bring more renewable energy to the grid or reduce transmission peak congestion. The ability to scale massively in size with a vanishing footprint meets siting limitation in residential areas.
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