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Clean Fuels from Domestic Natural Resources: Accelergy’s Carbon Biomass-to-Liquids Process

T. Vail
Accelergy, US

Keywords: alternative fuels, coal-to-liquids, biomass, coal


The global energy industry has long been excessively dependent on oil, overlooking severe problems in the supply chain, resource allocation and highly volatile pricing. Recently, interest in alternative fuel sources, from algae to biomass to ethanol, has spiked, and the Department of Energy projects non-petroleum sources to meet 45 percent of global oil demand by 2030. However, despite significant investments, none of the currently available and commercialized alternatives can efficiently and cost-effectively scale to meet current oil consumption. Accelergy, a producer of ultra-clean fuels, offers the industry an integrated carbon-biomass-to-liquids (CBTL) process that uses advanced coal conversion technology combined with an efficient use of biomass materials. By leveraging the United States’ abundant and strategically located coal reserves, Accelergy provides a cost-effective and efficient source of domestic, high-grade non-petroleum sourced fuels. In a technical presentation, Accelergy CEO Tim Vail can discuss Accelergy’s technology and breakthrough process, and elaborate on the company’s partnerships with industry leaders. He will also provide attendees an overview of the scalability issues facing the alternative fuels industry, as well as the market opportunity for non-petroleum based high-grade fuels for the aviation industry and the role domestically sourced fuels can play in promoting U.S. energy security.
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