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Innovation Matching Programs

Innovation Matching Programs

innovative matchmaking programs

The TechConnect Summit, in partnership with the NSTI and the CTSI, has spent the past decade building the world’s largest international community of nano, bio and clean technology experts that expands across the value chain from research to marketplace. It has built its global reputation through its ability to bring together the leaders in academia, business, and government to advance the development and deployment of these technologies.

The Innovation Matching Program leverages this global community of researchers, scientists and innovators in order to address your strategic technical challenges. This process will provide you with an established, globally respected platform to quickly build knowledge, technical and program awareness, and an assessment of global efforts and experts in the defined areas. This program culminates in a face-to-face program at the TechConnect Summit, in which world experts are delivered to you as potential solutions to your technical challenges.

Past participants in this program include:

DARPA Lockheed Martin National Cancer Institute
Merck GE NanoInk
Kodak Toyota Motorola
ASML Invest Australia

Innovation Partner Program - Benefits

  • Symposium Program: A dedicated and focused content program designed to address your specific technology needs, featuring invited researchers who have been pre-approved by the sponsor.
  • Submission Process: A dedicated sponsor web page will be created through which researchers and companies worldwide will be solicited to submit technical and business proposals to address your predefined topic areas.
  • Corporate needs Presentation: Company representative(s) will deliver 20-minute corporate needs presentation, as part of the overall TechConnect Summit speaking program, to a room of researchers and solution providers.
  • Branding: Company logo positioned on all event print marketing, web sites, newsletters and on-site signage.
  • Email Outreach: A dedicated email campaign will be sent to the global Nanotech, Cleantech and TechConnect communities, detailing the Symposium, matching potential solution providers with the sponsor’s technology needs and requirements.
  • eNewsletters: Symposium will be featured in multiple eNewsletters distributed to the Nanotech, Cleantech and TechConnect communities.
  • Press Release: A dedicated release, announcing the symposium, will be sent to all event media and analyst contacts.
  • Hospitality Suite: A reserved private room at the TechConnect Summit to hold meetings and do business.
  • VIP Conference Passes: Ample Speaker Passes and Four (4) Full Conference Passes.


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For further details, please contact Jennifer Rocha at +1.774.249.8514 or at .
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