Carbon Nano Structures & Devices

Carbon Nano Structures & Devices

Symposium Co-Chairs

Wolfgang S. BacsaWolfgang S. Bacsa
University of Toulouse, France

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Kalman MiglerEnabling Carbon Nanotube Applications through Better Measurements and Standards
Kalman Migler
Group Leader, Materials Science and Engineering Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Deji AkinwandeUbiquitous Smart Flexible Systems based on 2D Nanomaterials
Deji Akinwande
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
Jie LiuGrowth Mechanism of Well Aligned Semiconducting Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes on Quartz Substrate
Jie Liu
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Duke University

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 13

11:00Carbon Nanostructures
11:00Chemistry and Materials Science for a Sustainable Future: BASF Special Session
2:00CNS: Electronics & Devices
2:00Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials I
4:30Strategic Partnership & Nanotech Opportunities in China
4:30TechConnect Poster Session I & Reception
Carbon Nano Structures & Devices I - Posters 4:00

Tuesday May 14

11:00CNS: Synthesis & Applications
Carbon Nano Structures & Devices II - Posters 1:30
3:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Chemicals
4:00CNS: Aerospace

Wednesday May 15

8:30Graphene Keynotes
11:00Graphene: Innovations in synthesis & production
2:00Graphene: Nanoelectronics
2:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Chemicals

Symposium Program

Monday May 13

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11:00Carbon NanostructuresWoodrow Wilson B
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
11:00Enabling Carbon Nanotube Applications through Better Measurements and Standards (invited presentation)
K. Migler, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US (bio)
11:25Direct observation of carbon nanotube growth by Environmental Transmission Electronic Microscopy
M. Picher, P.A. Lin, J. Winterstein, S. Blankenship, R. Sharma, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:45Carbon Nanotube Dispersion : Science or Art?
J. Nguendia Zeuna, W. Zhong, J. Claverie, Quebec Center for Functional Materials, NanoQAM, CA
12:05Surface Energetic Heterogeneity of Carbon-based Nanomaterials
D.J. Burnett, M. Naderi, R. Menzel, M.P. Shaffer, Surface Measurement Systems, US
12:25Mechanical properties of micro-patterned carbon nanotube foams
L. Lattanzi, L. De Nardo, C. Daraio, California Institute of Technology, US
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11:00Chemistry and Materials Science for a Sustainable Future: BASF Special SessionPotomac 2
-Chemistry & Materials for a Sustainable Future
S. Dimovski, BASF, US
-D. Blackwood, BASF, US
-P. France, MeadWestvaco, US
-C. Machemer, The Rockefeller Group, US (bio)
-W. Rensink, Shell International Exploration and Pro Game Changer, US (bio)
-R. Goerck, BASF, US (bio)
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2:00CNS: Electronics & DevicesWoodrow Wilson B
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
2:00Growth Mechanism of Well Aligned Semiconducting Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes on Quartz Substrate (invited presentation)
W. Zhou, S. Zhan, L. Ding, J. Liu, Duke University, US (bio)
2:25Scalable Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors for Space Nanoelectronics Applications
Q.X. Ngo, S.A. Anderson, M.J.O. Connor, J.A. Nichols, J.E. Dunning, E.C. Holihan, A.N. Robinson, G.C. Taylor, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, US
2:45Functionalized Carbon Nanotube–Based Sensors for Detecting a Trace Quantity of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene Explosive Vapors, with Selectivity
V. Kayastha, C. Jones, C. Landorf, Brewer Science, Inc., US
3:05Towards Commercial Viability of Flexible Transparent Conductive Films: New Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Ink
S. Fogden, C. Ma, K-C Kim, K. Ligsay, A. Catheline, A. Ostfeld, A.C. Arias, G. McFarlane, Linde, US
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2:00Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials IPotomac 1
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, TechConnect, Reviewers: Bayer MaterialScience, Momentive, MeadWestvaco (MWV)
2:00Bayer - Strategic Innovation Interests
K. Halder, Bayer MaterialScience, US
2:15Momentive - Strategic Innovation Interests
D. Rusinko, Momentive, US (bio)
2:30MeadWestvaco - Strategic Innovation Interests
P. France, MeadWestvaco, US
3:00Single Molecule Traps
J.M. Ornstein, framergy®, US
3:07Nanocellulose and its Thermoplastic Composite Material
D. Lim, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(KITECH), US
3:14Correlated Magnetics
S. Evans, Correlated Magnetics Research, LLC., US
3:21Photonic Ink (P-Ink)
A. Arsenault, Opalux Inc., CA
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4:30Strategic Partnership & Nanotech Opportunities in ChinaExpo Hall A
-Z. Xijun, Suzhou Nanotech Co., Ltd., CN
-C. Linsen, SVG Optronics Co., Ltd., CN
-C. Zheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
-W. Juinzuo, Mesolight LLC, CN
-H. Zhejun, Polynova Co., Ltd., CN
-L. Feng, NanoBrite Co., Ltd., CN
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4:30TechConnect Poster Session I & ReceptionExpo Hall A
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Carbon Nano Structures & Devices I - Posters 4:00Expo Hall A
-Complex conductivity measurement of CNT/Polymer films using a non-contact microwave technique
N. Badi, V. Kanakadandila, J. Wosik, F. Chouit, S. Boukhezar, O. Guellati, M. Guerioune, University of Houston, US
-Microstructure characterization of in situ grown CNFs reinforced Unidirectional Carbon/Carbon composites
L.L. He, Institute of Metal Research, CAS, CN
-Novel nanocarbon-based, lightweight, flexible EMI shield
K. Strobl, M. Monville, S. Banerjee, S. Chang, C. Jayasinghe, J. Sprengard, CVD Equipment Corporation, US
-Hollow core-shell structured mesoporous MWCNT/carbon nanofiber composites by electrospinning and silica template as counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
S.-H. Park, B.-K. Kim, W.-J. Lee, Chonnam National University, KR
-Growth of Uniform CNT Layer on Copper Foil-the Effect of Synthesis Methods/Conditions
Q. Zhang, J. Scofield, B. Tsao, J.N. Merrett, B.T. Quinton, J. Burke, N. Pierce, University of Dayton, US
-A Novel Catalytic Synthesis Method of Carbon Nanomaterials in the Organic Liquids
H. Gamo, T. Ando, M. Nishitani-Gamo, Toyo University, JP
-New Electromagnetic Shielding Sheets Using Carbon-Nanotube-Composite Papers
B.J. Li, W. Ito, H. Hiwatashi, T. Oya, Yokohama National University, JP
-Field Emission Emitters Fabricated Using Carbon Nanotube Blasting
C-M Hsu, W-T Wu, T-S Liu, K-C Wu, J-S Wu, J-A Chen, Southern Taiwan University of Science and technology, TW
-Fabricating CNT/ PEDOT:PSS Composite on Flexible Substrate Using Transfer Printing
W.T. Wu, H.T. Tsai, C.M. Hsu, Southern Taiwan University of Science and technology, TW
-Antibacterial effect of Silver Carbon Nanotubes against Multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
E. Dosunmu, S. Pillai, K. Vig, S.R. Singh, V.A. Dennis, M. Coats, Alabama State University, US
-In Vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers for the Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
O. Selivanova, M. Zheng, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
-Carbon Nanotubes for Energy and Electronics Applications
E. Bekyarova, R. Palanisamy, M. Itkis, Carbon Solutions Inc, US

Tuesday May 14

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11:00CNS: Synthesis & ApplicationsBaltimore 5
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
11:00MWCNTs and SWCNTs based Nanocomposites for Cartilage and Bone Tissue Regeneration
L.G. Zhang, B. Holmes, The George Washington University, US
11:20Composite microelectrodes from PEDOT and carbon nanotubes enable advanced neuronal recording, stimulation and sensing
R. Gerwig, P. Cesare, U. Kraushaar, S. Reinartz, M. Giugliano, A. Kilias, P. Ruther, A. Stett, M. Stelzle, Natural and Medical Sciences Institute, NMI, DE
11:40Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Hybrid Foam
M. Zhang, Y. Cui, S. Li, Florida State University, US
12:00 Ubiquitous Smart Flexible Systems based on 2D Nanomaterials (invited presentation)
D. Akinwade, University of Texas at Austin, US (bio)
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Carbon Nano Structures & Devices II - Posters 1:30Expo Hall A
-Effects of Varying the Content of Alcohol in the Reaction Mixture on the Graphitization of MWCNTs and Their Surface Functionalization
E. Segura-Cárdenas, D. Hernández-Arriaga, F.J. González-González, R. López-Sandoval, M. Reyes-Reyes, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, MX
-Chemical Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons
D. Hernández-Arriaga, F.J. González-González, E. Segura-Cárdenas, M. Reyes-Reyes, R. López-Sandoval, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, MX
-Trion photoluminescence of covalently functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes
A.H. Brozena, J.D. Leeds, Y. Zhang, J. Huang, A. Ng, Y.H. Wang, University of Maryland, US
-An explosive impact technique to nanocrystallize and harden surface of metal materials
Z. Tong, Z.M. Shi, S.J. Tong, Inner Mongoli University of Technology, CN
-Fabrication of polymer nanocomposites based on CNTs in PDMS matrix
M. Imbaby, K. Gottschalk, Ulm University, DE
-Carbon Nanotubes Decorated with Silver Nanoparticles for Flexible Conductive Adhesives
R. Ma, S. Kwon, Q. Zheng, H.Y. Kwon, J.I. Kim, H.R. Choi and S. Baik, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
-Carbon Nanomaterials: Nanotoxicity and the Influence of Impurities on their Electrochemistry
C.L.K. Elaine, M. Pumera, Nanyang Technological University, SG
-Effect of Drying Method and Pore Size on the In-Plane Electrical Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube films Deposited on Paper Substrates
R.L. Muhlbauer, R.A. Gerhardt, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
-ROS Evaluation for Series of CNTs Using the ESR Method and the Effects of CNT Mophology
S. Tsuruoka, K. Takeuchi, K. Koyama, M. Endo, K. Fujisawa, H. Matsumoto, N. Saito, Y. Usui, D.W. Porter, V. Castranova, Shinshu University, JP
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3:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & ChemicalsPotomac 1
Session chair: Keith Ritala, KERTECH & Associates, Reviewers: Alex Norman, United Technologies Research Center, Larry Mann, Global Advanced Metals, US
3:00Environmentally friendly High Performance Acrylonitrile Manufacturing Process
D.H. Cho, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT), US
3:07Titanium Metal Injection Molding
P. Christensen, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
3:14Environmentally Safe Plastic Microbeads for Cosmetics
J. McDevitt, College of William and Mary, US
3:21CVD Graphene Barrier and Conductive Films for Flexible Organic Electronics
M. Patterson, Graphene Frontiers, US
3:28Architected Materials
M. Tilley, MalibuIQ, Architected Materials LLC, US
3:35Carbon nanotube sheet, tape and wire production systems
M. Gurau, Nanocomp Technologies, US
3:42Heavy-Metal Free Anti-Corrosion Coating Platform Technology
S. Wang, AnCatt, US
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4:00CNS: AerospaceBaltimore 5
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
4:00Carbon Nanostructured Advanced Cable Shielding Technologies
S. Harvey, T. Shah, P. Dutton, J. Morber, Lockheed Martin, US
4:20Correlating electrical and structural properties in surface layer of carbon nanotube polymer composite
E. Pavlenko, V. Tishkova, P. Puech, W.S. Bacsa, CNRS and University of Toulouse, FR
4:40The Rheology and Processing of Carbon Nanotubes for Polymer Composite Applications
A.W.K. Ma, University of Connecticut, US
5:00Novel methods for delivery of Carbon Nanotubes into composites
S. Gadthula and S.K. Potluri, Zyvex Technologies, US

Wednesday May 15

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8:30Graphene KeynotesChesapeake 4-6
Session chair: Ron Beech, Angstron Materials, Inc., US
8:30Graphene-Based Supercapacitors: Recent Developments (invited presentation)
D. Burton, Angstron Materials, Inc., US
8:55Graphene for Engineering Plastics : An Industrial Perspective (invited presentation)
H-J. Park, BASF, SE, DE (bio)
9:20Is Graphene the Next Silicon ... Or Just the Next Carbon Nanotube? (invited presentation)
R. Kozarsky, Lux Research Inc., US (bio)
9:45Graphene: novel regulatory challenges (invited presentation)
J.C. Monica Jr., Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, US (bio)
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11:00Graphene: Innovations in synthesis & productionChesapeake 4-6
Session chair: Lance Criscuolo, Zyvex Technologies, US
11:00Vor-x® graphene: A multi-functional material with real-world product adoption
J. Lettow, Vorbeck Materials Corp, US
11:20The growth of a polycrystalline graphene from a liquid phase
P. Kula, R. Pietrasik, K. Dybowski, R. Atraszkiewicz, L. Kaczmarek, D. Kazimierski, P. Niedzielski, W. Modrzyk, Technical University of Lodz, PL
11:40Facile Preparation of Graphene Composite Materials and Their Application
Y. Nishina, Okayama University, JP
12:00Microwave Irradiation Enables Rapid and Direct Dispersion of Highly Conductive Graphene Sheets and Carbon Nanotubes
H.X. He, Rutgers University, US
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2:00Graphene: NanoelectronicsChesapeake 4-6
Session chair: Bor Jang, Wright State University, US
2:00Photoconductivity of Reduced Graphene Films
J. Loomis, B. Panchapakesan, University of Louisville, US
2:20Single Layer to Multilayer Silicene: First Synthetic Graphene/Graphite-Like Material
G. Le Lay, Aix-Marseille University, FR
2:40Beyond Graphene: Synthesis and Applications of Advanced 2D Materials
E. Polyakova, D. Stolyarov, C. McCarren, Graphene Laboratories, US
3:00CVD Grown Graphene Transfer Using Catalytic Thin Metal Film
M.H. Sohrabi and F. Yaghmaie, University of California, Davis, US
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2:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & ChemicalsPotomac 1
Session chair: Chair: David Novak, Inventis Group, Review Board: Goran Matijasevic, UC Irving, Brian Johnston, Innovation Accelerator
2:00Compositions of Degradable Salt-Responsive Copolymers
J. Propst, University of South Carolina, US
2:07Non-Dispersive Solvent Extractions and Reactions
J. Massingill, CHEMTOR, L.P., US
2:14Newlight: From Greenhouse Gas to Plastic
M. Herrema, Newlight Technologies, LLC, US
2:21Nanosegregated Surfaces as Catalysts for Fuel Cells (IN-07-054)
N. Markovic, Argonne National Laboratory, US
2:28Embedded Photonic Crystals for Use in LEDs and Lasers
S. Juncal, UCSB Office of Technology & Industry Alliances, US
2:35Vacuum Insulation Panels in Stainless Steel Envelope
A. Feinerman, Thermal Conservation Technologies, US
2:42Separation Instrumentation for Biomolecules
M. Knight, CC Biotech LLC, US

Carbon nanostructures (CNS) provide some of the most promising materials in nanotechnology and have already found commercial application in a range of applications. The combination of molecular sized diameter with macroscopic length scale and with optical and electrical conductance in carbon nanotubes leads to novel properties. Structures such as carbon nanohorns provide exceptionally large surfaces areas at the nanoscale. Progress in large scale synthesis, precise positioning and assembling on semiconductor surfaces, electrical connection to electrodes and new methods for incorporating and dispersing CNS in a solid matrix continues to widen their application range.

This event will also incorporate sessions from the special Nanotech 2013 Graphene symposium. Papers on graphene synthesis and applications can be submitted in either location.

Please join industrial and academic innovators at this exciting event.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Aerospace industry applications
  • Solar & battery applications
  • Novel synthesis methods
  • Carbon nanotube based devices
  • CNT structure: MWNT, SWNT, DWNT
  • Optical properties & light emission
  • Biomedical applications of nanotubes
  • CNS composites
  • Graphene synthesis & applications
  • Characterization
  • Health impact & applications
  • Other

Technical Abstract Submission

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