Synthesis of Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ Nano-Phosphor Prepared by High Energy Beads Milling Process and Their Luminescence Properties

H.J. Song, J.H. Noh, H.-S. Roh, D.H. Kim, K.S. Hong
Seoul National University, KR

Keywords: nano YAG, phosphor, beads milling, top-down


In synthesis of nano-sized YAG:Ce, top-down method has advantages than bottom-up method, such as large scale production and easy control of doping concentration and particle size. Therefore, in this study, nano-sized YAG:Ce phosphors were synthesized by a high energy beads milling process with varying beads size, milling time and milling steps. By controlling beads size, milling time and milling steps, we synthesized a size-tunable and uniform nano-sized YAG:Ce phosphor which average diameters were 50, 75 and 100 nm, respectively. After milling, there was no impurity and all of the peaks were in good agreement with YAG (JCPDS No. 33-0040). Luminescence and quantum efficiency (QE) of nano-sized YAG:Ce were measured by fluorescence spectrometer and QE measuring instrument, respectively. The synthesized YAG:Ce absorbed light efficiently in the visible region of 400-500 nm, and showed single broadband emission peaked at 550 nm with 50 % of QE. As a result, by considering above results, high energy beads milling process could be a facile and reproducible synthesis method of nano-sized YAG:Ce phosphor.