A conducting polymer/Ag nanoparticle composite as a nitrate sensor

M. Atmeh, B.E. Alcock-Earley
Petra University, JO

Keywords: electrochemical sensor, nanocompsites, PEDOT, polymers, SEM


A novel electrochemical sensor was fabricated by electrodeposition of silver nanoparticles on pre-synthesized polypyrrole (PPy) and PEDOT, to form a PEDOT and PPy/Ag composite matrix on a glassy carbon electrode. The electrochemical sensor exhibited stronger catalytic activity with regards to nitrate reduction with PPY than with PEDOT as a conducting polymer . Scanning electron microscopy and cyclic voltammetry were used for the characterization of the composite. The detection limit of nitrate was found to be 5 μM with PPY. Moreover, the sensor showed excellent sensitivity, selectivity, and stability.