In-situ structural characterization of SWCNTs for probing the polymer/nanorod interactions

T. Liu
Florida State University, US

Keywords: carbon nanotube, structure-property relationship, nanocomposites, dispersion


Quantitative characterization of the structures of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in the dispersion is important. It provides critical information for quality assurance of SWCNT dispersions, and more importantly for understanding and optimizing the properties and performance of a variety of SWCNT related applications that are processed or fabricated based upon SWCNT dispersions, e.g., nanocomposites, transparent conducting thin film, thin film sensors. In this presentation, we introduce our recently developed methods - preparative ultracentrifuge method (PUM) and simultaneous Raman scattering and photoluminescence spectroscopy (SRSPL) for in-situ characterizing the particle size, bundling states, and side-wall defect density of SWCNTs. Moreover, the probe diffusion behaviors of SWCNTs in semi-dilute polymer solutions have been studied and will be presented, which prove very useful for in-situ probing the interactions between polymer and SWCNTs. The methodology presented in our studies is highly valuable in bridging the theoretical/simulation research with the experimental studies for a better understanding of the processing-structure-property relationship of SWCNT enabled multi-functional nanocomposites.