The Effect of Growth Temperature on Aluminum Nanocrystal Embedded AlOxNy for Non-Volatile Memory

N-H Chen, P-H Hsieh, S-J Huang, F-S Huang
National Tsing Hua University, TW

Keywords: Al NCs, aluminum oxynitride, HRTEM, XPS, memory


The aim of this paper is to present a aluminum-based nonvolatile memory of Al2O3 (28 nm)/ Al-rich Al0.54O0.42N0.04 (22 nm)/ Al0.44O0.38N0.18 (3 nm) layered structure on SiO2 (2 nm)/ n-Si by a simple rapid thermal processing MOCVD system without breaking vacuum. The composition of each layer is produced by modulating the flow rate of TMA and NH3. The composition ratio of tunnel layer is (AlN)0.6(Al2O3)0.4. The control layer is combined of Al2O3 (510), (403), and (511). The Al-rich AlOxNy containing excess Al NCs is utilized for charge storage layer. In order to find the optimal memory performance, various deposition temperature of 560, 600, and 700 oC (sample named S560, S600, and S700) were used to adjust the density and size of the Al NCs and quality of AlOxNy matrix.