Mechanisms cell regulation by nanotechnology preparations (MCS-B)

A.N. Belousov, E.Yu. Belousova
Laboratory Applied Nanotechnology, UA

Keywords: nanotechnology, preparations, MCS-B, cell, regulation


At now in Ukraine officially medicine following products nanotechnologies is applied: Мicromage-B by way of biologically active additive and magnet-controlled sorbent (МСS-B) for extracorporal detoxication of biological liquids. A basis of the given preparations makes of magnetite nanoparticles (Fe3O4) size from 6 till 12 nm. In this scientific work for the first time are make an attempt investigate mechanisms action of nanotechology preparations (NPs) on cell regulation and metabolism as a whole. After processing blood by MCS-B was discovered restoration regulator mechanisms metabolism of cell at the patients with syndrome intoxication. The influence by MCS-B was caused, on the one hand, the properties magnetite nanoparticles sorption selectively of molecule proteins from a surface membranes cell; with another, probably, change of conformation structure proteins of the superficial membranes as a result influence of magnetic field which induced by magnetite nanoparticles. The MCS-B has selective sorption properties which based on a principle magnetophoresis, and therefore as a whole does not cause destructive of structural cell membranes, and only quantitatively changes structure of molecule proteins.