Low-temperature laser sintering of the printed nano-silver electrodes for flexible electronics

W. Gu, J. Lin, Z. Cui
Suzhou Institute of Nanotech, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN

Keywords: nano-silver ink, laser sintering, flexible electronics


One of the key components in flexible electronics is the flexible electrode. Currently, the most commonly used printable electrode material is nano-silver ink which contains various additives.These additives, however, increase the electrical resistivity of nano-silver ink considerably, a sintering process is necessary to improve the conductivity.In this paper,we demonstrated the continuous wave laser(1064nm) sintering of nano-sliver electrode patterns printed by an aerosol jet printer on PET substrate.And investigated the effects of the laser processing parameter on the sintering results, which include laser scanning speed and laser power.Finally, conductivity measurements were performed, and the electrical resistivity was calculated which similar to that achieved in oven heating.