Nano-contacts and Nano-interconnects

G. Monty
Underwriters Laboratories, and IEC TC113, US

Keywords: contacts, interconnects, GNR, graphene, CNT, CNF, nano-wires, schottky barrier, ohmic, contact resistance, vias


This oral paper is the result of nearly 3 years of review and analysis of the state-of-the art of nano-contacts and nano-interconnects. An analysis of over 80 technical articles was performed, including interviews with some of the authors of the published articles. The paper will highlight the accomplishments and challenges facing CNT, CNF, nano-wire, and graphene interconnects for both vias and local/macro-interconnects in electronic devices. This paper will give the entire audience a clear perspective of the pros and cons related to the extremely small and challenging nano-contacts for use as nano-interconnects. The result should be extremely important as researchers plan future efforts to bring nano-enabled electronic products into the marketplace.