Dynamics of Magnetic Nanofluids with Frozen-in Magnetization

V.V. Sokolov
Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science, RU

Keywords: magnetic nanofluids, frozen-in magnetization, waves propagation


It was shown that in an ideal non-conducting magnetic nanofluid with frozen- in magnetization there are three types of waves: slow and fast magnetosonic waves and Alfvén -type wave. Alfvén -type wave propagating in non-conducting magnetic nanofluid in an external magnetic field is accompanied by oscillations of the magnetization In the limit of zero magnetization a fast magnetosonic wave passes to a common sound wave, and the velocities of a slow magnetosonic wave, and an Alfven-type wave turn to zero. The obtained expression for the velocity of fast magnetosonic waves describe the existing experimental data on the anisotropy of sound wave propagation in magnetic nanofluids. When studying the propagation of shear waves we took into account dissipative processes due to the shear viscosity and the relaxation process of establishing the magnetic equilibrium in the magnetic nanofluid. Expressions were derived for velocity and attenuation of shear waves indicate the mixed forms of these waves. In general, there are two types of waves - the pure shear wave, which has the same properties as in viscous fluid, and Alfvén -type wave.