Ionic Liquids as Novel Dispersing Agents for Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Stabilization of Nanomaterials - Safe-to-Handle Dispersions

T.F. Beyersdorff, T.J.S. Schubert, F. Stiemke
Iolitec Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH, DE

Keywords: ionic liquids, nanodispersion, green solvent


In this contribution we will present the use of ILs as green solvents for the sizecontrolled synthesis of metal nanoparticles and the influence of the anion on the size of the synthesized materials (Fig 1). With this technology the formation of stable dispersions of these materials is possible[10,11]. In addition, we will demonstrate that NP-powders - e.g. CNTs, graphenes or fullerenes - can easily be de-agglomerated and dispersed in various solvents by the addition of ionic liquids as dispersants to give very stable, easy and safe-to-handle dispersions (Fig 2.). Finally, results of the performed stability test via Photon-Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy-technique (PCCS, Nanophox®) (Fig 3.) will be presented.