Nanovias FIB-etching and filling in a micro-nano interposer for molecular electronics

G.L. Gac, G. Audoit, A. Thuaire, C. Rauer, H. Moriceau, X. Baillin
CEA Grenoble, FR

Keywords: molecular electronics, nanovias, FIB etching and filling


As molecular electronics is getting more and more explored, a device enabling electrical characterization of the synthesized molecules becomes necessary. A micro-nano interposer is thus developed to allow connection between a molecular circuit and mesoscopic electrodes with atomic scale precision. The interposer includes nano-to-micro scale interconnection. The nanovias fabrication requires the use of a FIB for the etching and filling steps. Several aspect ratio vias are nanofabricated in order to investigate etching and deposition processes. Several parameters configuration are tested and investigation is made to understand deposition evolution and improve vias quality (geometry and filling). Nanovias with aspect ratios between 2 and 6 are presented to illustrate the etching and deposition optimizations.