Strider Solar Inc.




Zeev Abrams



Primary Industry: 

Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary: 

Strider Solar aims at improving the efficiency of rooftop solar panels by adding a simple and inexpensive optical layer to the front glass of solar panels. By recuperating some of the sunlight irradiating the “dead spaces” on the panel, including the busbar electrodes and empty spaces between cells, we will increase the value of the panels beyond their current – non-optimal – specifications. Our model is to sell both a processing tool to solar panel manufacturers, as well as custom optical elements that the tool applies to each panel. Our (patent pending) technology is cell-independent, and can be used by nearly all solar panel manufacturers without modifying their existing process line in any way. By decoupling the optics from the cell, we can solve the problem of obstructed front surfaces at a price that is orders of magnitude cheaper than current solution concepts.