Eureka Aerospace, Inc.


California, US


James Tatoian


Chairman & CEO

Primary Industry: 

Aerospace & Defense

Executive Summary: 

Eureka’s Impulse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ImpSAR) system, currently in advanced phase of development, is a microwave imaging technology capable of seeing through walls made of materials as diverse as drywall, wood, concrete, and brick, enabling its users to remotely view personnel, weapons, and other targets at large standoff ranges of up to 50m for a vehicle-mounted platform (over 1,000m in future airborne system development). The system can also localize and map interior walls, underground structures, UXO, IEDs, bunkers, and caves containing hostile subjects. It also has value in drainage tile mapping for agricultural users. Compact, lightweight sensor will reliably detect, localize, and identify targets in day/night and all-weather conditions from a variety of ground and airborne platforms. The system will generate 2D and 3D images of stationary or mobile targets at large standoff distance while delivering much higher (sub-inch) resolution images than any other technology. It will have a direct impact on saving lives of military personnel, law enforcement, and civilians, and can redefine the way tactical operations are conducted, by providing real-time “transparent structure” information to the operator. Complementary business models are based on hardware sales (including integration, maintenance, and support) and imaging services (sales of underground imagery).