HMicro, Inc.




Surendar Magar



Primary Industry: 

Biotech & Biological Sciences

Executive Summary: 

HMicro's wireless silicon platform is initially targeted for wearable disposable wireless sensors that can seamlessly displace today’s wired disposable sensors - a large market. HMicro's business model is to supply its silicon platform to the OEMs of healthcare devices including the makers of disposable healthcare sensors. Health monitoring market is comprised of in-clinic monitoring, and emerging remote monitoring or mobile health. The great majority of billions of disposable wired sensors shipping annually are currently used for in-clinic monitoring – primarily by hospitals. This market, HMicro's initial target, is ripe for conversion to equivalent wireless sensors, driven by powerful clinical and economic pressures. HMicro solution is architected to enable this migration seamlessly, and at a competitive cost and performance. The existing patient monitors in hospitals can easily be retrofitted via HMicro enabled adaptors to wirelessly work with HMicro silicon based sensors. The sensors can also connect to mobile devices for remote monitoring, an emerging market. HMicro successfully developed and demonstrated an end-to-end wireless physiological monitoring subsystem based on the wireless chip fabricated by HMicro. The company is now developing complete system solution chip for production and commercialization in 2013.