Oxford MediStress Ltd.


England, UK


David Sarphie



Primary Industry: 

Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care

Executive Summary: 

Oxford MediStress Ltd is a University of Oxford spin-out developing and commercialising patented breakthrough technology for the monitoring and management of stress from a single drop of blood. We are currently generating revenues from sales of its first products: CopingCapacity Elite-Pro™ which is being sold in the sports and fitness sectors and CopingCapacity Vet™ which is generating sales in the veterinary and meat-production sectors. The Company intends to secure further investment to develop sales of these products and to develop a series of follow-on products leading to the first self-test product for stress to be marketed world-wide as an over-the-counter (OTC) product directly to consumers within three years. We are adopting the razor/razor-blade business model through preferential pricing of the re-usable part of the system and aggressive pricing and marketing of the disposable component which will generate the majority of profits. We anticipate reaching breakeven in Year 3 and generating profits in excess of $16 million in Year 4. We would anticipate exit through Trade Sale in Year 5 at a valuation in excess of $120 million.