Polymero, LLC




Neil Kane



Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

Polymero mixes things that can’t be mixed, makes plastics that can’t be made and recycles plastics that can’t be recycled. Polymero utilizes an innovative, green, industrially scalable and economically feasible manufacturing approach, known as solid-state shear pulverization (SSSPTM), to develop novel, green, high value polymeric materials and nanocomposites that cannot be manufactured via conventional processing. Invented at Northwestern University, SSSP avoids the melting of plastics needed in traditional polymer blending applications. In so doing it is able to make polymer blends which contain high levels of filler materials that ordinarily don’t mix well with polymers due to agglomeration. Examples include graphite (for electrically conductive plastics), cellulose (for better mechanical properties) and plastic waste (for reuse into high value materials). Imagine turning PET water bottles back into PET water bottles without compromising the plastic or using chemical additives. SSSP makes that possible. The initial target market consists of companies that use rotational molding for making plastic products. SSSP eliminates two steps normally needed to make feedstocks for rotational molding. In this market, Polymero will have a cost advantage due to its patented process. The polymeric materials consumed by rotational molders are valued at about $500 million annually. Additional applications will follow.