Dyverga Energy Corporation




Harold Godwin



Primary Industry: 

Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary: 

Dyverga’s technology breakthrough offers the first real opportunity to efficiently harvest (<80 ºC) low temperature waste heat into valuable electricity. Every year the world economy spends trillions of dollars on energy, with half the energy produced lost as waste heat to the environment. This is a huge challenge for world economies and for the climate of the planet itself. As electricity demand has soared over the last decade, so has cost. Customers deal with increasing costs, increasing legislative controls and shortage of supply issues. Customers are becoming more carbon aware and they need to control costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Dyverga addresses these problems and offers customers cost-controlled, carbon free, distributed self-generation of electricity. Furthermore by designing a rooftop solution, our customers enjoy the retail pricing versus wholesale pricing. This rooftop solution insulates our customers from bureaucratic processes and policies of local governments. Dyverga will manufacture and sell the initial units with a movement towards technology licensing to OEMs as the market matures. To accelerate market penetration, we will introduce a utility based model and create power purchase agreements. This removes any capital expenditure for customers,they just pay for kWh.