MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc.




Thomas Malone



Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

The Ad-air® process is a proprietary technology which expands plastic by creating billions of tiny bubbles in a closed cell microstructure at the core of the material. This increases the length, width and thickness of a roll of plastic film while reducing its density by as much as 80%. This results in a dramatic improvement in yield and a 25% reduction in materials cost allowing us to have low-cost producer advantage in a $50 billion target market. The process is clean technology ideally suited for expanding ecologically friendly food-safe plastics like recycled PET. MGP has selected the best markets/applications based on three criteria: strength of value proposition; ability of the target market to adopt rapidly, and large size target markets. Two markets have therefore been selected: food service packaging and commercial graphics. MicroGREEN’s first product line is called InCycle®, an expanded recycled PET material sold in sheet and roll form and also in the form of food packaging such as thermoformed cups, lids, trays and bowls. Production lines in WA have a combined capacity of $50 million: one manufacturing thermoformed pieces, the other producing flat sheet.