NanoMed Targeting Systems Inc.




Alex Harel



Primary Industry: 

Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care

Executive Summary: 

NanoMed Targeting Systems (NTS) mission and focus is to develop, manufacture and market magnetically targeted drug delivery systems. This platform system is based on proprietary superparamagnetic nanoparticles attached to the drug, and its non-invasive proprietary magnetic guiding system. NTS currently working on system to treat Atrial Fibrillation, the most common cardiac arrhythmia, and method to accelerate diabetic wound healing. NTS, an Oklahoma company, emerged from joint research of Oklahoma University and OU Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) and BBMS Ltd., an Israeli startup (“the Parties”). The Parties have concluded a feasibility demonstration in which the technology for cardiac arrhythmia applications has been demonstrated in initial animal trials. The Company intends to continue its validation studies, finalize the Work Station, conduct further pre-clinical trials at OUHSC, start the regulatory process with the FDA, and prepare for scale up manufacturing and conduct clinical trials at OUHSC. The Company’s team includes 8 OU investigators from the Departments of Physiology, Pathology, Radiological Sciences, The Heart Rhythm Institute (Department of Medicine), School of Biological, Chemical and Materials Engineering, and BBMS Ltd. an Israeli based company. Two additional investigators in Biomedical Engineering and Toxicology-Pharmacology are at University of Texas-Arlington and Oklahoma State University.