Ultralow Detection of Bio-markers using Gold Nanoshells

D. Patel, G. Zhang, X. Sun, A.M. Gobin, R.S. Keynton
University of Louisville, US

Keywords: gold nanoshells, biomarkers, detection


The focus of this project is to improve the detection of antigen/biomarkers/viral vectors using gold nanoshells (GNS). The assay used in this project is based on aggregation of GNS in presence of antigen or viral vectors. GNS are coated with a Protein-G conjugated to thiol–poly(ethylene) glycol–amine and Goat anti-rabbit antibody. Our data shows that fully assembled nanoparticles in presence of antigen, rabbit IgG, allow detection at concentrations in the ng/ml to pg/ml. The lower detection limit of this improved assay was 0.5 pg/mL within 10 mins. This shows a 3 order of magnitude improvement over that previously reported.