J. Clark
University of York, UK


The agro-food supply chain includes a broad variety of manufacturing processes from ''farm to fork'' that produce wastes, especially organic residues. Increasing demands for  resource efficiency and for bio-derived chemicals, materials and fuels are encouraging the development of novel strategies for the re-use and valorisation of organic waste from the food supply chain for the production of novel added-value bio-derived sustainable products. The Biowaste Industrial Symbiosis or BIS Network aims to interconnect engineering, chemistry, biotechnology and food technology to tackle the challenge of using clean and green technologies to make green and sustainable products using food supply chain wastes as feedstocks.  One objective of the BIS is to create new partnerships that are in a strong position to apply for funding to future calls focusing on the valorisation of food supply chain wastes.  Join us for the launch of the BIS network to have a chance to meet current and future members of this new and exciting network, share your views and opinions about the use of waste as a resource, have your say in the future direction of the network and take the opportunity to discuss your research with academics from various backgrounds!