All CNT Lithium Based Secondary Battery

D.S. Lashmore, M.W. Schauer and M. Gurau
Nanocomp Technologies, US

Keywords: CNT, battery


A silicon coated CNT anode has demonstrated 100 charge/discharge cycles in a Lithium based anode chemistry at twice the capacity of a graphite electrode. The replacement of an aluminum cathode with CNT material allows the use of the corrosive electrolytes in the electrolyte, thus improving power performance because the galvanic Al/Cu couple is removed from the system. The use of strong CNT electrodes enables the elimination of conductive binders, conductive additives, and dramatically lower cell resistance therefore lowers Joule heating. These advantages together using sulfur based chemistry is expected to yield much high specific capacity, specific energy better thermal stability than existing technologies. The increase in capacity using Nanocomp material enables, for the first time, the mass production of this new kind approach to secondary batteries.