Nanoscience Strategies for the Design and Ultra Sensitive Readout of Dense Immunodiagnostic Platforms

M. Granger
University of Utah, US

Keywords: nanometric-labeling


The drive for early disease detection, the growing threat of bioterrorism, and a vast range of other innovations across biotechnology have markedly amplified the demand for ultra sensitive, high-speed diagnostic tests. This presentation will describe efforts to develop platforms and readout methodologies that potentially address these needs by coupling nanometric-labeling concepts with surface enhanced Raman scattering and giant magnetoresistance readout methodologies. Strategies will be detailed for both the fabrication and readout of chip-scale platforms that can be used with each readout modality, probing fundamental dictates for optimal performance. Examples will focus on the use of protein arrays as platforms targeted for immunoassays for the rapid, ultraslow level detection of cancer markers and viral pathogens. Challenges related to sensitivity, speed, and nonspecific adsorption, and fluid manipulation will be discussed.