Predicting Device Performance with Statistically Relevant Conducting Atomic Force Microscopy (C-AFM)

K. Virwani
IBM Research - Almaden, US

Keywords: mixed ionic electronic conductors, C-AFM, scanning probe microscopy, access devices, non-volatile memory


Over the past few years we have investigated applications of mixed ionic electronic conducting (MIEC) materials as access devices for non-­‐volatile memory. In this talk we describe the role of conducting atomic force microscopy in the discovery of new mixed ionic electronic conductors and towards device studies. C-­‐AFM measurements on MIEC devices yield fast, reliable and statistically relevant information that is applied towards the optimization of materials, electrodes, anneal conditions and a host of other parameters relevant for ultimate device performance. From an instrumentation perspective, we show how thousands of I-­‐V (current vs. voltage) measurements can be repeatable and reliable. We describe how to overcome C-­‐AFM challenges such as set-­‐up inconsistency, non-­‐repeatable I-­‐V performance, probe life and lack of large statistics. Finally, one-­‐to­‐one correlations between data from automated probe testing and C-­‐AFM measurements will be presented.