Structure-Enhanced Self-Powered Microfluidic Pumps and Stickers

L. Xu, R. Panchapakesan, K. Lee, B. Ahn, H. Lee, J. Xu, K.W. Oh
SMALL SUNY at Buffalo, US

Keywords: self-powered, micropumps, lab-on-a-chip


We propose a simple method to enhance self-powered microfluidic devices. Powered by pre-evacuation of high-gas soluble PDMS, the microfluidic devices do not require external pressure sources. In order to enhance performance of such self-powered devices, we designed different microstructures beside the channel and varying sizes of outlet holes. We studied factors that could increase pump characteristics. In addition, the low pressure at bottom of the devices could be employed as temporary adhesive force for a microfluidic sticker. Using different microstructures and variable sizes of outlet chambers, the self-powered pumping could be linearly controlled. We also characterized the pump employing microstructures and surface ratios for enhanced self-powered pumping and to be employed as microfluidic stickers. Thus, we expect that the proposed method will be useful to create simple self-powered point-of-care microfluidic devices.